4 Classic Western TV Shows That Are Still Great Today

4 Classic Western TV Shows That Are Still Great Today

Life goes on throughout the years, so why not television shows?

Back then, most TV shows approved by studios were in black and white. They focused on slapstick humor and action-packed scenes.

Classic western TV shows from the 50s to the 90s are evidence of that. Luckily, we now have access to hundreds of streaming services and websites.

We can now stream some of the best classic TV shows on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. But can we really call these classics?

Let’s dive in to guide on a classic Western TV show that should be in every fan’s collection.

The Rifleman

This show was ahead of its time in many ways, and it still holds up well today. The story of a former Union soldier who becomes a rancher and has to deal with the challenges of frontier life is still very relevant.

The acting is also excellent, and the chemistry between the two lead actors is undeniable.

The Lone Ranger

This show first aired in 1949 and ran for 169 episodes. It follows the Lone Ranger, a masked crusader who fights for justice in the Old West. The Lone Ranger is the best old western show for all ages and it is still one of the most famous western TV shows today.

The original TV show was a classic western that is still great today. The show was popular for its action-packed adventures, classic western setting, and its iconic heroes. The Lone Ranger is a timeless classic that is still enjoyable to watch today.


The story of Marshal Matt Dillon keeping the peace in Dodge City is as captivating today as it was when the show first aired. The characters are well developed and the storylines are timeless. Despite being over 40 years old, Gunsmoke is still a great show.

The acting is top-notch, the writing is excellent, and the stories are timeless. If you’re a fan of Western TV series or just great TV, Gunsmoke is definitely worth checking out. If you are looking for great old western shows to watch, have a look at Gunsmoke.

The Virginian

It originally aired on NBC from 1962 through 1971. It was set in the late 19th century in the fictional town of Shiloh, Wyoming Territory. The Virginian was the foreman of the Shiloh Ranch.

He was a principled and honorable man who always stood up for what was right, even if it meant going against the wishes of his employer, Judge Garth.

The Virginian was one of the first western TV shows to eschew the stereotypical portrayal of Native Americans as savages. Instead, the show depicted them as human beings with the same hopes, fears, and aspirations as the white settlers.

Enjoying Relevant Classic Western TV Shows

This overview discussed that there are many classic western TV shows that are still great to watch today. These shows are still relevant because they deal with important topics that are still relevant today.

For instance, the show Bonanza deals with the issue of racism. But don’t forget, that classic tales of good versus evil, set against the old wild west, are still just as entertaining today as they were when they first aired.

So grab some popcorn and settle in for a good ole fashioned western tv show marathon.

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