5 Essential Photo Editing Tips for Better-Looking Pictures

5 Essential Photo Editing Tips for Better-Looking Pictures

Many people think that photo editing is a new medium, but they’d be wrong. Photographers have been manipulating their photos since the mid-19th century.

Digital editing makes photo manipulation easier than ever. It offers almost unlimited ways you can alter photos too.

This is great, but it can also be quite overwhelming. You don’t want to spend hours adjusting every setting on your digital photos.

What you need are some simple photo editing tips that will tell you the best ways to improve your photos that won’t take all day. Lucky for you, those tips are right here!

1. Shoot in RAW Format

Do you prefer shooting on a DSLR or mirrorless camera rather than your smartphone? Then you should shoot your photographs in RAW format.

RAW camera files capture far more information and detail than other image formats like JPG. This means there is more you can adapt when you import your photos into your laptop’s photo editing software.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Filters

If you were reading a list of Android or iPhone photo editing tips in 2012, using filters would be at the top of the list. Since then, filters have gained a bad reputation.

But app filters or photo presets allow you to be more creative with your photography. They help you develop your own signature look and style.

You can use app filters through platforms like Instagram and VSCO. But if you prefer to edit on your laptop, invest in Adobe Lightroom and use presets. Find out more info on Lightroom presets here.

3. Always Crop and Straighten

One of the best editing tips for photos is to get as much right when you take the photo as you can. That will avoid you having to fix your mistakes when you edit!

But one common mistake that’s very easy to fix is to straighten your horizons. And if you’ve captured a lot of empty space that doesn’t add much to your photo, you can crop that out.

4. Turn up the Temperature

This is only a general rule, but most photos look dark, cold, or a little gray. You can make them look much warmer and more appealing by increasing the temperature of your photos. Enhancing the saturation, exposure, and vibrancy are also sure-fire ways to improve your pictures.

5. Less Is More

When you open a photo editing app or program, it’s a common mistake to think that you need to use every tool. But this can lead you to over-edit your photos so that they look fake and distorted.

Only use tools that enhance the natural beauty in your photographs. Leave everything else alone!

Photo Editing Tips to Make Your Snaps Stand Out

There are so many things you can alter on digital photos these days. It’s difficult to know where to begin. But with these photo editing tips, you will be able to enhance your images so that they look better in a matter of minutes.

Knowing more about how to use your photography equipment will also improve your photos. Browse our tech articles for lots of handy tips and tricks!

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