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Can Cows Go Downstairs and Upstairs?

Can cows go downstairs? Cows have difficulty walking downstairs because the inclinations and structure of the stairs are not found in nature and are adapted to the proportions of the human leg. While a cow will not walk downstairs alone, it has been proven that a cow will walk downstairs if you force them. If you still wonder that, can cows go downstairs? Yes, cows can walk downstairs.

Can Cows Go Downstairs?

As we know how can cows go downstairs, there are different means that you can employ so that you can keep your animals away from trouble. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you keep the doors of your home locked. Not only will it be easier for you to let your animals out if they need to go downstairs but you will be able to inspect them more easily to make sure that they are all fine. It will be harder to let down your doors if they are left unlocked because it will be easy for your pets to slip through. Just remember that if your ponies enter the house unsupervised, it can be dangerous for you and other family members.

Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Pets From Getting off the Stairs

can cows go downstairs
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The most commonplace that your pets go after entering your home is at the top of the stairs. The reason is that they can feel so much better climbing onto the second or third floor. One of the most effective ways to prevent your animals from getting off the stairs is to block the bottom two or three corners of the stairs with solid objects such as bricks or logs. These obstacles can give your animals a better way of climbing back down.

Build a Wire Crate

There are a few more ways that you can keep your pets from going back up the stairs. You can build a wire crate to get them on solid surfaces. Cages will work especially well on concrete or wooden floors. Another way that you can allow your animals to stay on the ground floor is to build a ramp. You can get your pets onto the ramps by taping strips of wood to the bottom of the ramps.

The best way that you can keep your pets on solid surfaces is to use hay. You can line the bottom of the cage with hay so that the canines cannot jump back up the stairs. You should also line the bottom of the stairs with hay to keep the canines from grazing on it. Your dogs and ponies will also appreciate the extra source of exercise that hay provides.

Let The Animals Out

can cows go downstairs
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The only way for your pets to get off the first floor is if you let them. A good rule of thumb is that you should let the animals out every two to three days. This will provide them with exercise, fresh air, and the chance to relieve themselves. Your canines and ponies will also need the opportunity to chew on less dangerous items in order to keep their body structure in shape. If your pets do decide to go downstairs on their own, you should provide them with a safe place to go. There are plenty of safe play areas that can be constructed for your canines and ponies. One great place to keep them safe is on top of a mattress or couch. Just make sure that there are no sharp objects or parts of furniture above them that can hurt them.


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