Carpet Diem For the Modern Living Environment

Carpet Diem For the Modern Living Environment

Carpet Diem is definitely a brand worth mentioning when talking about cheap carpets. This brand offers you great deals on both heavy duty and light duty carpets. The Diem brand also caters to different customers by offering shag and straight rugs. These carpet tiles are quite popular as compared to their looped counterparts. It is because of the fact that carpet shag is rather in fashion and straight rugs are the most sought after carpet varieties in North America.

Categories of Carpet

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Carpet Diem has its own unique selling propositions. It is quite obvious that the company’s goal is to bring you low prices by using the best quality materials and the labor force. To make it crystal clear, Carpet Diem brings to you the carpeting in four distinct categories namely – cryptograms, square pattern, mystery shack, and tri-fold. Each carpet is created by expert carpet designers. They use top-notch quality materials to give you brilliant and long lasting carpets. Carpet cryptograms are very much popular as they offer classic as well as modern look to the room.

Providing Creative Themes

Carpet Diem For the Modern Living Environment

Carpet cryptograms come in either modular or stitch and bind designs. The carpet diem cryptogram is usually stitched on top of an existing rug or carpet. This is a perfect way of giving a new dimension to your room. With this carpet, you can have the opportunity to showcase your creativity. You can also have a different theme for the attic stuff mini-golf and other rooms in your home.

Carpet Diem Is Shag


Another unique selling proposition of Carpet Diem is the Shag. This is one of the famous carpet designs by Carpet Diem. Carpet shags are made of high quality natural fibers like cotton, flax, and sisal. The DIY planks of my carpet are very easy to peel and wash.

Most people prefer to use the shag as a backdrop in their living room. However, they get bored with the look after a while. To solve this problem, Carpet Diem introduces the living room planks. These are removable planks of carpet which are easily cleaned and maintainable. The living room planks are made up of polypropylene or foam-based inks. The inks come in two-tone color combinations – light gray and dark gray.

Usage of Shag

The Carpet Diem Shag can be utilized in your garage also. You will need a good amount of adhesive strip to cover the entire surface of the carpet. All you need to do is peel off the backing of the carpet tiles and apply the adhesive onto the carpet. Peel and stick the adhesive strip to the garage floor and the adhesive will stay there permanently.


Carpet Diem Tiles is ideal for all sorts of areas as well. You can peel and stick the Carpet Diem Floors too. You will find DIY flooring plans for floors, garage flooring, as well as kitchen and bathroom flooring. The Carpet Diem Flooring can also be used on outdoor patio tiles.

Products of Carpet Diem


Carpet Diem provides an extensive range of high quality Carpet Tiles, including Carpet Tiles for the Floor, Carpet Planks for Kitchens and Bathrooms, Carpet Tiles for Outside Patios and Carpet Tiles for the Garage Floor. All these are made of Carpet Diem and are really like what you would buy from any leading carpet retailer. To have a reasonable and low budgeted carpet, Carpet Diem product range is really attractive. So, you do not have to compromise on the quality as you can get the best from the best carpet manufacturer in the country.

Benefits of Carpet Diem’s Installation

Old Man McGucket’s Carpet Diem is perfect for houses with kids and pets as it is totally non-allergenic and does not even let off any static electricity. Old Man’s Carpet is the best way to keep you and your family safe from allergies and other illnesses. It is a low maintenance carpet which is easily cleaned using the right tools and techniques. It is very easy to maintain and is long lasting.

Old Man McGucket Carpet

The Old Man McGucket Carpet is a great option for those homes with pets and children. The waddles that come along with the Carpet are very small and are used for walking, standing or running. Waddling is always safe with the soft cushioning of the Old Man MCGucket. You can make use of the carpet waddles for small children to prevent them from slipping on the wet surface of the carpet. The Old Man MCGucket comes with two waddles which allows you to place them in different places around your house.

Vintage Atmosphere by Carpet Diem

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If you really like the old-time atmosphere, why not turn your home into a museum by installing Old Man Carpet and Old Man MCGutter in your house? If you love the Japanese style of decoration, then you should go for the Bi-folding Mosaic Carpet Tiles. All these carpet tiles have excellent quality and are very affordable to fit in with your budget.


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