Residents in 14 million housing units saw at least one pest in their homes in 2021. You might think that your home is immune to roaches and rodents. However, you might experience a pest infestation when you least expect it.

Effective pest control will help you keep your home free from unwanted critters. However, there are many pest control myths that may make it difficult for you to determine the best way to keep bugs and rodents at bay.

Read on as we debunk the most common pest control myths to ensure that you don’t waste your resources on the wrong pest control approach.

You Won’t Find Pests in a Clean Home

Keeping your house spick and span isn’t a guarantee that it is immune to pests. Although a dirty home has a reputation for attracting and harboring pests for a long time, a clean home won’t keep them out entirely.

Bugs will usually come into your home to look for water, food, or shelter. Since they can still find these three in a clean home, don’t be surprised when you encounter a mouse in your kitchen.

Just make sure that your home is clean so that pests don’t stick around for a long time. You can also seal entry points that pests may use to enter your home.

Cheese Is the Best Bait for Mice

Popular culture may have compelled you to believe that cheese is rodents’ favorite food. This myth will make you believe that cheese is the only food you can use as bait in a mousetrap.

However, sugary food as bait will entice mice far better than cheese. The next time you want to catch mice, use dried fruits, candy, chocolate, or peanut butter on the mousetrap.

Pets Will Keep Pests Away

You might believe that your furry friend will deter pests from your home. True, your cat might scare rodents and roaches out of sight.

However, the pets are not enough to keep them entirely out of your house. Pests may find a way into your home where pets cannot get to them. In addition, your domesticated pets may not be motivated to chase pests around your home because they are sure that you’ll feed them.

Sometimes, your pets may attract pests to your home, especially if you don’t clean them. Your cats and dogs might bring fleas and bugs, and the leftover food in their bowls will appeal to hungry pests.

Instead of relying on your pets to keep unwanted bugs from your home, you should seek pest control services. These professionals know the best pest removal practices to eliminate pests from every crack and crevice that your pet can’t access.

You Can Use Club Soda to Kill Fire Ants

You’ve probably come across this myth if you’re looking for a cheap way to control fire ants in your home. Those peddling this myth argue that the carbon dioxide in the club soda will suffocate the ants and make them die within a day or two.

This method will not eradicate fire ants from your home. The quantity of carbon dioxide in the club soda is not enough to displace air from an ant colony that may be several feet underground. So, instead of buying club soda, get professional pest control services or buy a proper pesticide.

Pests Will Go Away on Their Own

This is one of the pest control myths you’ll most likely reference as an excuse for not getting professional service to help you control pests. The truth is, the pests will find comfort in your home and continue thriving.

If you start seeing a few pests around your home, they have probably been there for some time and have even made a comfortable nest. If you fold your hands and assume that they’ll go away, the pests will continue multiplying in your home.

You should seek residential pest control immediately if you see signs of pests. The sign could be a few cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, or mice. A professional will help you assess whether there are more pests in your home and exterminate them before they get out of hand.

It Is Better to Use DIY Techniques for Controlling Pests

Some naysayers will tell you that professional pest control services are harmful and useless. They might convince you to avoid bringing in professionals because the chemicals they use are dangerous to you and your family.

This is just a pest control myth, especially if you choose the best pest control company. Such a company will understand the most recent trends in the pest control industry, including the use of non-toxic pest control. Even when they use chemicals, they will ensure that they are safe for you and effectively eliminate pests.

If you use DIY techniques, you won’t control the pests that have mastered the hiding game. These will multiply and infest your home quickly. So, always reach out to pest control services when you suspect critters on your premises.

You Don’t Need Pest Control If You Can’t See Pests

Just because you haven’t bumped into a bug doesn’t mean there are none in your home. Most pests will survive by knowing how to conceal themselves when you aren’t around. This means there might be termites or ants somewhere building a nest without your knowledge.

Even if you don’t see pests, you should schedule regular home inspections by pest control services. They will identify pests like termites that can live in your walls undetected. They will also eliminate nocturnal insects that only come out when you’re sleeping.

Keep Pests at Bay by Understanding the Common Pest Control Myths

Pest control myths can make it difficult for you to keep your home safe and free from unwanted pests. Some of these pests will stick around your home for a long time and pose health risks to you and your loved ones. We’ve debunked these myths to ensure that you stay on top of pest infestations in your home.

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