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National Hurricane Center Closes Down Over NC Dorian Now

The first official Hurricane Season is upon us and it promises to be a really big one. The Gulf Coast from Florida all the way down to Texas has been threatened with a possible Hurricane Season Worst Storm Impact worse than Hurricane Katrina. Many tropical storms have hit the Southeastern United States in the recent past and many have not produced any significant rainfall, or tornados. There is a real threat that this storm may be record breaking.The dorian now appears to have a very strong vertical wind speed and the combination of high winds and rain is creating dangerous surf for the surfers along the southern California coastline.

So what does a hurricane center mean when they mention the potential impact of a storm on these parts of the country? The hurricane center is an assessment of the atmosphere at any given time. If you have strong thunderstorms then that is good news for the Doric People. However, if you have multiple showers, either single or a few, and a high surf rating that will cover some of the Pacific Ocean then you are in trouble. The dorian now appears to have a very strong vertical wind speed and the combination of high winds and rain is creating dangerous surf for the surfers along the southern California coastline.

In case you haven’t heard the dorian now is currently classified as a category one hurricane with maximum sustained winds of at least a hundred miles an hour. It is currently centered near the Northern California coastline and is expected to make a complete pass through the Northern part of the State later on Tuesday. While this storm may still be considered an early breaker it could easily become a life changing typhoon moving along the coast over the weekend. If you want to avoid a direct hit by the powerful storm, you need to take action now before it becomes too late.

The National Weather Service has issued a weather warning for the Northern California and Northern Mexico coasts warning that an active hurricane warning is being issued. The warnings have caused much traffic delays and school cancellations in the San Francisco area. The threat of a devastating typhoon is also something we can not ignore and this is why preparations are being made in the form of hurricane kits, which should be located in the homes of all school children.

While it is still early in the game many school districts have already moved buses and other resources to the designated zones. Many cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego already closed down schools for the sake of the public’s safety. For those parents that are trying to decide where their children will go to school during this dangerous period it is a good idea to send them to a public school that has been relocated to a different part of town. For those that are still uncertain as to whether or not their child will need to evacuate a school during the entire duration of the hurricane it would be wise to contact your principal and ask for the heads up. The San Diego school district for example has already moved facilities to shelters that are away from the coastal areas and they will release details regarding the closure of schools during the upcoming days.

With the threat of a hurricane hitting the state of North Carolina on early Friday morning there is a serious threat that the storms may turn deadly for those that do not heed the warnings. A new advisory issued by the National Hurricane Center said that the threat of a major hurricane in the area would remain medium to high intensity through at least the end of the weekend. A hurricane watch was also issued for the entire state, including coastal areas such as Cape May, New Jersey and Moncks Corner, Virginia.

A hurricane center said that the threat for flooding might continue to increase along the coastal parts of north and south Carolina through at least the middle of next week. With this threat comes a serious need for school closures and all areas should be prepared. A public announcement from the State Board of Education has been issued and students will begin to be moved to another school on Thursday evening.

In light of the hurricane Dorian threat, the University of North Carolina has issued a warning to students and faculty to evacuate the campus. The storm is expected to hit early Friday morning. The storm will move across the Carolinas towards the south coast over the next five to six hours. A hurricane warning has been issued for the state, but the advisory has been expanded to include the Flag State.

Storm Risk on the East Coast Including North Carolina – hurricane Dorian | storm surge | storm | surge | threat} This threat has made the coastal communities in the Carolinas very scared, which is a good thing. Evacuation drills have been issued and officials have warned residents to brace themselves for a possible six-foot storm surge during the worst of the storm. A six-foot storm surge makes it possible for floodwater to cause destructive beach erosion and flooding along the coast. Coastal communities are watching this potential catastrophe very carefully. The National Weather Service issued a severe weather statement just before the storm, which included a six foot risk for coastal flooding along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Hurricane conditions are expected to pass slowly across the Carolinas over the next five to seven days.


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