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Frequently Asked Questions About Living Off-Campus

Have you been planning to move out of your college dorm? While you’re likely looking for a home or apartment with more space, chances are you’ll miss your classmates and the memories you’ve made in the dorm. However, you probably won’t miss your tiny closet and twin-sized bed, which is likely why you’ll be looking for a new place to live.

If you’re considering off-campus housing, this is likely your first time living in your own space. Living off-campus can be a learning experience in itself, so you may want to consider student apartments before you make your move. Student housing often includes apartment amenities but is conveniently located near your classes and other academic and social activities. If you’re a student, you would want to stay close to campus without living in a traditional dorm. Also, you would want

Not sure what type of housing is best for you? Here are some frequently asked questions about living off-campus that you’ll need to have answered before planning your housewarming party.

Should you choose a roommate?

If you want to reduce your living expenses, it may be best to hire a roommate? When you’re looking for a roommate, keep in mind that you need someone who is responsible. While it’s nice to have someone you can go out with or host house parties with, you should select a roommate who is reliable, clean, compatible with you in terms of personality.

If you decide that you want to live with a roommate, you should ask some upfront questions about your potential roommate’s study habits and lifestyle choices (i.e., staying up late, smoking, or partying every weekend). You should know what you’re getting into before you sign a lease with someone.

How many apartments should you consider?

It’s important to research a few apartments before making your final choice. Don’t settle on the first apartment you see. You should also visit an apartment in person — don’t go off the pictures you see online to make the decision for you. If you can, talk to some of the residents to get the scoop about the noise level and to make sure there isn’t a crime issue in the neighborhood.

Take a look at some online reviews to see if the landlord is attentive to tenant’s issues and to see if there are pest control or construction issues before deciding whether you’ll move in. Of course, you’ll want to select an apartment that is as close to your campus as possible at an affordable price. Consider auburn student apartments for a comfortable and safe living off-campus.

How important is safety when apartment searching?

Whether you noticed it or not, your dorm room was likely pretty secure. Off-campus housing may not be as safe. When you’re choosing an apartment, check to see if your building requires you to have a key to the floor you’ll live on in addition to a key to get into your front door. Make sure the windows lock completely and try to get an apartment on a higher floor if you can for added security.

Do you need renters insurance?

When you’re moving off-campus, you may not be thinking about insurance. After all, your main concern is making sure you can pay the rent. However, it’s important to ensure your furniture and appliances in case your items are stolen or become damaged. Your renters’ insurance will cover theft which could come in handy.

Do you need a meal plan if you live off-campus?

Now that you’re no longer living in the dorm, you won’t be enrolled in the full meal plan you had when you were residing on campus. However, changing to a meal plan that allows you to eat a few meals on campus can save you time in between classes, and you could save a considerable amount of money. Grabbing breakfast or lunch between classes can also give you a chance to catch up with your friends who still live in the dorm. The right meal plan for your schedule allows you to continue taking advantage of “free food” so you can stick to your budget.


It’s important to keep these important questions in mind if you’re considering living off-campus for the upcoming school year. With careful planning, you can find a living space that will enrich your college experience.


Author – Steffy Alen


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