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Perks and Features Include the Hard Light Catalyst

Destiny 2: The Taken King Add-ons

Hard Light Catalyst is a high performance automotive gelcoat that is an integral part of most paint systems in the industry today. It improves the stability of Hard Light by improving its luminous quality and reducing reflected glare. The result is that there is increased color separation, reduced internal reflections and an increase in the car’s dynamic range. It is also used in bumpers, side skirts, headlights, tail lamps, and many other automotive parts where light control is a prime factor. Hard Light is formulated using a unique three-dimensional gel structure, which produces exceptional brilliance and greater color separation than competing products.

There are many different hard light catalytic systems on the market for use in the auto industry today. Many systems come with an optional pre-fusion lining that provides an extra layer of protection, especially for high mileage vehicles. When looking at the differences between various systems, it is important to consider the difference between a hard line and spray on systems. Spray on systems utilize a hard line nozzle to apply the gel onto the surface, while hard-line systems employ hard foam and polyester in order to create a thicker, more viscous application with a uniform application.

Perks and Features Include the Hard Light Catalyst

The first step in Hard Light Catalysts is to strike an energy efficient blow with a precision directed beam gun at a specified target. Once the beam gun fires a hard metal nozzle injects the gel directly into the target. These high-powered jets of gel act as an airport or rubber band, quickly breaking the surface molecules apart in a process that causes them to evaporate and flake off. The process is similar to that of a sandblasting a material, only on a larger scale. Once this process is complete, a pristine sphere is formed that is perfectly crafted for optimal use.

However, the hard gel itself is not the only component of the catalyst. In order to achieve the precise effect desired, hundreds of tiny spherical droplets are simultaneously struck with a laser gun to cause the evaporating surface materials to spread and refract. This spreads the gel in every direction, resulting in a better distribution and a greater overall impact. Each layer of the sphere is then struck with a high powered laser, causing it to erupt into the next layer, spreading the gel even further. This results in a perfect sphere with every inner layer perfectly matched to every other layer, creating a domino effect that crushes the attacker to substrate.

The Hard Light Catalysts are far from perfect. While every shot has a high probability of scoring a direct hit and every layer is guaranteed to be destroyed, the system’s efficiency comes down to luck. At best, you will score one or two direct hits with each volley, but any single volley is capable of scoring a full sweep if done correctly. This is where the new perk system comes in, replacing the old system’s random kills with carefully aimed precision hits that leave their mark and can lead to complete attacks on nightfall.

Perks and Features Include the Hard Light Catalyst

In order to unlock the Hard Light Catalyst perk, you must have a level thirty Light Armor and wield a one handed laser sword. Upon charging up the sword to its maximum capacity, it will transform into a powerful Hard Light Shield that increases your defense by fifteen percent. This shield also allows you to negate damage by ninety-five percent against melee and unarmed attacks from all directions. Using the sword in this state drains your energy reserves, so using it in combat should be carefully managed. The ability to negate damage while increasing your own defense makes the HLC mountable armor an invaluable part of any PvP gamer’s armory.

A new perk added to the game, Nightfall strikes are now included with the new Hard Light Catalyst. These strikes cause the aura around the sword to fade, greatly reducing the threat they pose. When using this special attack, the sword will strike an enemy three times, once in the front, once to the side, and once in the back. The aura will drop quickly after the initial hit, disappearing instantly if another player attacks it while it is in this state. Completing a series of Nightfall attacks will grant the player thirty seconds of increased stability.

The third part of the new destiny 2 add-on, the M.A.S.S. system, can also be obtained with the Hard Light Catalyst. This statistic allows you to gauge the weapons potential in many different situations. If you find that you are having trouble making a certain weapon hit hard, you can experiment with using the M.A.S.S. icon next to the weapon in your gear menu, which will decrease the overall damage dealt by the weapon in exchange for increased stability.


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