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Holiday Gift Guide to Give Kratom Products

Kratom has become extremely popular among home remedies due to its analgesic and pain relief effects.  In research of more than 2,700 self-reported users of the herbal supplement, researchers found that the psychoactive compound in Kratom has a lower rate of harm than prescription opioids.  It has become a favorite of many seeking a natural alternative and as a herbal supplement.

Are you looking to surprise a Kratom lover this holiday season?

Here’s a list of the best Kratom gifts to loved ones to help them enhance their Kratom experience.  From supplements to brewing equipment to ingredients and even clothing, you’re sure to find a gift they’ll love and enjoy.

1. Kratom Tea Bags

Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash

The first option on this list is helpful to almost every Kratom user –tea bags. The reason is not far-fetched. Teabags are a brewer’s best friend, especially if the user prefers Kratom leaves over powder. It’s a great way to prepare batches in advance!

While they’re not that expensive, it’s nice to have a large batch of tea bags ready for use. For an eco-conscious choice, you could go for reusable tea bags that they can reuse repeatedly.

2. Yellow Vietnam Kratom

If your friend is starting in the world of Kratom, the Yellow Vietnam Kratom might be the perfect gift. It offers mild effects compared to other strains, allowing the user to adapt to the herb. Yellow Vietnam Kratom may help kick start your Christmas celebration on a positive note by providing an energy boost.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom has many positives while it’s not as popular as other Kratoms. Studies have shown that this strain is from red vein Kratom dried differently. This non-traditional method of drying Kratom leaves results in a change of color.  Look up and learn about effects of Green vietnam kratom.

3. Kitchen Scales

Image source- Pixabay

Some users feel like trying out different measurements to find out the right amount for their kratom tea. Having an accurate scale makes the job easier. For this reason, you can’t underestimate the importance of a scale, especially if they’re using powder or dry leaves.

While it’s not necessary to prepare Kratom at home, a scale may help your friend make the same concoction repeatedly without the guesswork. What’s more? A scale is versatile, and they can use it for other kitchen tasks.

4. Capsule Machine


Due to the herb’s bitter taste, some users mask it with syrups, sweeteners, and flavors. By taking Kratom in a pill, users can avoid the tough-to-swallow taste of Kratom tea. To get precise, measured doses, pills are undoubtedly one of the best options. You can make it even more affordable and convenient for them with a perfect capsule machine. With that, they’ll be making DIY Kratom by filling the capsules with all their favorite pot strains.

If they love the benefits and convenience of kratom capsules, then filling their capsules is a great idea.

5. Specialty Tea Bags


These are great when you’re unsure how the recipient prepares their tea. These tea bags are useful in flavoring your herb by mixing Kratom tea concentrate with brewed tea from one of the bags. A mix of tea flavor and Kratom is an excellent way to enjoy the herb.  However, suppose your friend doesn’t like using flavors in their Kratom. In that case, they can still enjoy the specialty tea as a standalone.

If you want to buy something that can still be useful even if Kratom is not involved, specialty tea bags might be your best bet.

6. A Vacuum Sealed Thermos

Image source – Pixabay

Help your loved one make simple Kratom tea recipes for an enjoyable holiday.  By brewing Kratom with a thermos, users can mix up some tea on the road or carry around the bitter-tasting herb.  In addition, the vacuum-sealed thermos holds the water’s heat, eliminating the need to simmer on a stove. That’s undoubtedly a cleaner, quicker way to brew your tea and requires fewer tools.  The most important part is being able to brew Kratom on the go.

This gift is also versatile because they can use a vacuum-sealed thermos to prepare other herbal brews and beverages.

7. Kratom Themed Clothing

Kratom-themed clothing makes an ideal gift for your loved ones who benefit from this nature’s gift. They’ll love a themed-t-shirt with an excellent design that they can wear out-and-about.

Whether they enjoy kratom powder or tea, they will love this. It could also be a way to show the world that they support Kratom and help them easily connect with other Kratom lovers.

8. Flavored Syrups

Photo by Garreth Paul on Unsplash

Finally, the flavored syrup is another unique gift you can buy Kratom lovers. Due to the herb’s bitter taste, many users mix it with other flavor components or sweeteners like honey. Help them choose a few flavors they can use for a delicious mix.

Another benefit of flavored syrups is their all-purpose use. They can use it for other drinks like tea, juice, coffee, water, ice cream, and ice cream.

In Summary

There are a lot of gift ideas to put a smile on a Kratom lover’s face this season. Whether they use the Kratom for recreation or as a home remedy, you can help them make the most of their beloved herb this Christmas. However, it’s best to find out how your loved ones prepare their tea so you can know what tools might be best for them.


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