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Importance of Graphite Colour

Graphite colour is determined by several factors and there are four primary colours – black, green, yellow and red. The other colours can be combined with graphite to create new colours which are known as synthetic colours. The purer the graphite the harder it is to spot. Pure graphite tends to be very smooth and dull and is therefore very poor at producing sparkle. Natural graphite tends to have a lovely natural colour that comes through to the stone, almost like the glow from a bonsai tree. Because of this property many people prefer natural stones over synthetic ones.

graphite colour
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Sources of Graphite Colour

Graphite is usually found as ores or rock powder. It can also be found in a wide range of gemstones and is often combined with other materials to create a coloured gemstone. The purest graphite is black, with green being the closest to the natural colour palette. Green and black together can produce an intensely black colour but pure graphite can change into a range of other colours when mixed with other substances. The most common synthetic colours are yellowish-green and black.


sources of graphite colour
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Additives that Affect Graphite

Some of the main additives to graphite that affect its colour palette are oxygen, titanium, chromium, and manganese-all of which can have an influence on the overall shade of the stone. When pure graphite is exposed to oxygen and titanium it will often fluorinate into beautiful rainbow hues. This process can only occur if the surface of the stone is sealed and the addition of oxygen and titanium compounds improves the absorption of the colour. Other substances that can affect the colour palette of graphite include iron, sulfur and manganese.


Shades of Gemstone

It is not entirely clear how the various additives can affect the color palette of a stone. Some of the best-selling synthetic gemstones are infused with different types of additives so that they can have completely different color palettes from natural ones. One of the latest additions to the color palette of a stone is titanium dioxide. This is usually used to enhance the overall shade of a gemstone. This titanium dioxide is infused with copper which can make for some pretty striking contrast in colour.

shades of gemstone
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This blue light emission from titanium dioxide also imparts a wonderful sheen to a stone and this makes for a great gemstone to use in high contrast settings. We can achieve a grey shade by adding iron oxides to a stone. Iron oxides absorb light in the blue spectrum. But when the titanium dioxide absorbs light, it produces a striking dark grey. 

Chemical Composition of Graphite Colour

Other than the chemical composition, the physical properties of graphite can determine how dramatic a colour change it can bring about. If we need a darker shade for a piece then we can dye graphite to get the shade. We can use dyeing with graphite but we must do it in a special procedure that stabilizes the stone and prevents any bleeding. Bleeding can occur if we apply dye to the stone too early during its growth cycle.

chemical composition of graphite
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We use graphite to create all kinds of finishes from dark black to milky white. We also it to create an attractive luster.

Price of Graphite Colour Gemstone

The price of a gemstone can vary considerably depending on the color, clarity, and amount of cut. Black graphite can cost as much as a diamond and dark green can be as expensive as rubies or emeralds. This is why buying pure graphite in the right stone shape at the right price can be so important. Natural stones are widely available and often the choice is down to personal taste, but there are many synthetic alternatives that can mimic the natural tones. When choosing your next piece of jewelry, think carefully about which graphite color will complement it best.


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