With 2022 in full swing, you might be thinking it’s time to mix it up with a new color to your home. After being stuck at home for a long time, it wouldn’t hurt to look into the latest interior paint color trends to liven up your home or office. But what are the most popular paint colors now and how do you go about choosing them?

Color is a thing that helps shape our everyday lives by influencing our mood and setting the atmosphere and tone of our homes. The color scheme of interior paint colors we go with often reflects what we know, usually reflecting what helps give a positive impact on our personal space. With the new year, the trending paint colors of 2022 are going to be dominated by lots of vibrant colors.

Do you want to freshen up the interior paint of your home? What to pick up on the trends for 2022? Continue reading to see what interior paint color trends are the best for this year and see what color options are out there.

Vibrant Interior Paint Color Trends in 2022

Even though colors like grey are still solid choices for any interior, 2022 is going to see an upswing of vibrant colors. Warmer neutrals are going to bring a lot of energy into our homes.

Colors such as green and blue will be more enticing for a variety of reasons. The color green not only allows us to have a better connection to nature but also compliments the digital lifestyle many people have. Popular interior colors like emerald green symbolize harmony and growth, reminding people to find balance in all things.

Blue colors also bring a soothing emotion to interiors, especially for places like bathrooms and bedrooms. These areas are always associated with comfort and relaxation, so a shade of blue seems like the optimal choice. Blue has a wide range to utilize for just about any mood, but will always provide radiance and happiness to interiors.

Neutrals and Crisp Whites

While color is going to be more prevalent this year, that doesn’t mean whites will be forgotten. White paint colors are classic and will still be popular in 2022. White interiors can provide a sense of serenity, letting the area seem larger than it may be. Many will look to Behr paint sheens as a solid option for bringing new colors to their home.

Neutral colors are also a great compliment this year. Light hues and tones on the walls can reduce stress and anxiety for people dealing with a lot of things going on in the world these days. Blues and greens, as well as sandy shades that mimic light-colored wood and oatmeal, will give a calm vibe to a room.

Following New Trending Paint Colors

With our overview of the interior paint color trends of 2022, you’ll have a solid idea of what are the best colors you should pick for your home.

With so much happening in the world lately people want to relax and enjoy the environment around them, so changing up the color is a great way to help do so. Look for more great articles by visiting our website!



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