Navratri is the nine-day Hindu festival of wealth and joy. Navratri colors are associated with good fortune, fertility, and prosperity. The colors of the rainbow are associated with the various attributes of Goddess Navratri. These attributes are purity, celibacy, fire, knowledge, and abundance. This festival has a special place in the Hindu calendar and is celebrated across India as Diwali. Navratri is a time to be with family and friends. Go for a vacation, buy new things for the home and especially, pray for new life and prosperity.

Navratri Colors – Which Color You Should Wear

Navratri Colors - Which Color You Should Wear
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Navratri colors must be chosen with care so that they do not spoil the festivity. One should choose vibrant and earthy colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and mauve. Pastel shades should also be selected so that they enhance the mood of the festival. Colors like magenta, maroon, indigo, and navy blue are considered to be suitable for this festival. The choice of Navratri drape for the festival would depend on the type of clothes that one wears and the colors that are in fashion. However, one should remember that Navratri colors do not include any garland or pheromones.

India’s Traditional Navratri Colors

India's Traditional Navratri Colors
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Navratri colors also include the traditional Indian motifs of lotus flowers, bamboo stalks, and other nature-based decorations. There are many online stores that sell exquisite Navratri clothes and other accessories. Men’s Navratri outfits are very simple in design. They include matching pants and vests with rich golden shawls and Resham embroidery work. Women’s Navratri dresses are more glamorous in design. They come in a variety of bright colors and embellishments. It is important to note that the trend for Navratri 9 is to wear a Saree as well. The most popular color for Sarees for this festival is pink since October is the time of the year when women actually wear these. However, it may also be possible to find various other shades of pink in varying hues such as peach, red, and other bright pinks.

The Right Combination

Other popular Navratri colors are the traditional orange and white combinations. These can either be in solids or in combination with other colors. For example, one could find an orange and white combination like magenta, maroon, and saffron. One can also mix these colors with sapphire blue to create a brilliant-looking shade of aquamarine. These combinations are very eye-catching and one can wear them with all types of attires.

In Navratri for the first week of the Navratri Color Festival, the Vienna flowers play an important role. These include the pink-colored Vienna, which is used to decorate the deity’s temple. At Navratri, the Navratri Color Stalks are made of flowers. Initially, the Navratri flowers used to be pink ones. Later on, they were replaced by the different colors mentioned above.

Traditional Attires for Navratri

Some of the gorgeous-looking outfits for Navratri are kurta pajamas. Which have to be bought from authentic wholesale dealers, and kurta churidars, which are large decorative trousers worn over kurta pajamas.

Navratri Clothes

Although we believe that Navratri is a time of rich colors. You do not need to go in for expensive clothes to wear on this wonderful occasion. Navratri is a time when one can wear anything and since Navratri colors are vibrant and one can mix and match attires with ease. It is not necessary to invest in costly clothes. You can wear simple cotton or silk clothes.

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