Painters who have changed the art history

Painters who have changed the art history

The artist names that have brought a significant change in art history contributed to its development and growth in unimaginable ways. Yet, at times, bringing out emotions, ideas, and thoughts was restricted because of the artistic barriers.

But a list of artists, painters, and masters surpassed such complications. They have risen above and showcased that the true spirit of art lies in creativity, freedom, and expression.

Here, we have mentioned famous artists’ names and how they have changed the dilemma of art history. It was not easy to break the stereotypical barriers and convince people. However, their hard work and conviction did it all. Read along to know more about it.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a one-person army associated with talents far more than just art. Widely known as an inventor for exploring fields such as science, medicine, and air travel.

However, he was always a master when it was down to painting. He even gave not only art history but the world the most iconic, exceptional, controversial, and highly expensive piece of art known as the Mona Lisa.

His other prolific artworks that have left an embracing mark on the art map include The Last Supper and the Vitruvian Man. Most of his works put light on subjects of humanity, religion, and science in combination.

This multidimensional way of presenting thoughts and adding his techniques made Vinci such an influential art community member. As a result, art fanatics regard Da Vinci as a legendary artist, one of his kind.

Vincent Van Gogh

The oil painting artist Vincent Van Gogh was an artistic talent beyond imagination. Words will always fall short of describing the techniques, paintings, and art quality he brought to life. He was also known as the artist, obviously because of his illness.

He even made most of his classical pieces during his illness in the mental asylum. As a result, Van Gogh received little acclaim during his life. But, his paintings are appreciated to this date.

The most unique aspects of his artworks were the prolific personal touches, such as his self-portraits. His exceptional brushwork in The Starry Nights or Cafe Night at Terrace feels unreal. Yet, it’s so much more than perfection.

Van Gogh inspired many artists of his time and continues to do so now. However, at the end of his life, he experienced depression but never stopped painting. A quantity of his artwork was painted during his last time in the mental asylum.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was the torch bearer of modern style in art history. Picasso conquered abstract art like no other artist. He mastered the art through shapes, geometry, patterns, lines, and dots to create the best of his works.

His passion for art redefined the way spectators view and appreciate art. He was an artist who did not restrict himself to following only one artistic style. If you search for the artist by the last name, you will find a lot of paintings, sculptures, and artworks as results.

His progress through time, including his famous abstract works, was phenomenal. The all-time famous painting of Picasso, The Three Musicians, is regarded as a masterpiece in the list of abstract paintings to date.

Frida Kahlo

The Mexican woman artist Frida Kahlo empowered women at a time when there were fewer opportunities for women to grow. Yet, even then, she was upfront in expressing her personal and professional feelings through art.

Kahlo embraces a very different painting style and mostly opted to create self-portraits. Nevertheless, the artworks by Frida Kahlo have always been more perceptive and left the audience spellbound.

But, life for Kahlo was not that easy and smooth. She lived a tumultuous life and faced so many hardships at a very young age. Divorce, multiple surgeries, and a bus accident shook her emotionally and physically. She expresses herself and the situations she faced through various symbols and representations in her artworks.


Bansky, closely related to Andy Warhol, used graphic prints as significant elements in his artworks. Almost all his depictions were of graffiti nature, which used to express commentary on society and values. However, his identity is kept secret, which gives more mystery to his motives and skills.

Like Banksy, many street artists got inspired by the movement to be more upfront and vocal through art. Because the modern-day focuses more on freedom, expression, and anything that pleases the soul, not the audience. They loved it and embraced it in its true sense. The street style art, which is raw and too direct, was very appealing to the public in general.

But, this way, the audience can connect more because, in one way or the other, each one is struggling through the same things in life. His artworks blend pop culture and contemporary figures’ dynamics to bring unfiltered ideas and thoughts to the plate.

The Bottom Line

Each artist impacts the world through different art mediums and still posts. But, even using other mediums and different perspectives to get their message across, each one excelled in winning hearts. No matter the hardships, they focussed on the primary goals, the spirit of art, and the motive to deliver the best of their capabilities.

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