The Sith Code is shrouded in mystery. The history of The Sith is known only to those who have been in their service. For the ordinary person, the code is simply a collection of difficult instructions that one must follow in order to become a Sith and live up to the difficult demands placed upon them. If the history is not followed, the person becomes a servant of the Sith and is forced to perform unpleasant tasks for the benefit of the Sith. The purpose of these strict rules is to keep the Sith Empire in check and to protect those who serve them from The Sith.

The Sith Code and Sith Lord

The Sith Code and Sith Lord
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The Sith Code is so vast that one cannot view all of it when they first become a Sith Lord. In actuality, each sith lord begins as an apprentice to another sith lord who has proven himself worthy of being a full-fledged sith lord. From this beginning, the story of the dark knight begins. As each sith lord became a full-fledged lord, he would also begin teaching new apprentices to complete his order. The apprentice became known as a Jedi which stood for “the light”. As each apprentice trained under a master, they slowly started learning how to fight with their lightsabers. Once they were ready, the Jedi were activated for a mission to save the galaxy from the dark side.

The Jedi’s Missions

The Jedi were sent on numerous missions to destroy the evil Galactic Emperor. Once they were successful, they were considered heroes. In return, the Emperor promised to aid them in any way he could. This led to a period of peace. During this time, the Jedi were able to grow powerful and return to the Galactic Republic to help defeat the dark lords of the Sith.

When the Jedi began to fall to the dark side again, the Galactic Republic was dissolved. It was then that Darth Vader, the dark knight, showed up and destroyed the Republic. He then started a series of wars against the Jedi that nearly destroyed the galaxy. Eventually, the Jedi were able to defeat Vader and his Empire and put an end to the wars.

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What actually is a Sith Code

The Sith Code, also known as The Galactic Empire’s Rulebook, is a detailed and in-depth piece of writing that delves into the background of the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire. Both of these space-faring sides fight against each other in a struggle for control of the known galaxy. In the first place, we learn that both sides have strong roots in the Force, which strengthens their resolve to annihilate the other. The Empire’s originality is also revealed through its use of unorthodox tactics. It shows how much the Empire knows about the Force yet how little they are able to apply it on the battlefield.

Sith Code in Mysticism and Mythology

The Sith code also goes into the realm of mysticism and mythology. While most people are familiar with the basic concepts behind it, the deeper aspects are not so easy to grasp. The core concept is that while the forces of the universe are ultimately meaningless, the power to channel such energy is what allows a person to have greater skill and control over it. This is also what allows two combatants to have a battle of attrition and not necessarily have a clear winner. In this way, the Jedi, or the good guys, are trying to use the Force to their advantage, while the bad guys are using it to try and destroy the Jedi.

The Origin of Sith Code – Book

The Origin of Sith Code - Book
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In his book ” Origin of Sith Code,” Pablo Hidalgo takes readers back in time to the mysterious Order of the Sith. This is a fascinating spin on what has become one of the most popular themes in the Star Wars franchise. Hidalgo provides evidence tying the dark lords of the Sith together, as well as explaining how their connection is formed. Through this research, he hopes to show readers that the Star Wars universe is not just “a story told in movie theaters.” Hidalgo instead presents a detailed history and mythology behind the Star Wars phenomenon. The ultimate collector’s guide to Star Wars will forevermore be remembered for bringing forth the lost Republic and Jedi information that has been scattered across the ages.

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The Dark Side in Star Wars

Many of the classic characters from Star Wars are part of the dark side. This makes some wonder if any light sides exist. The answer to this question is “No”. Darth Vader, Anakin, and Luke Skywalker are all part of the light side in this fictional universe. They do good when they are good, but sometimes they choose to do evil.

Princess Leia

Princess Leia
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Princess Leia is good with people, strong-willed, and has strong emotions. She was responsible for bringing the rebellion into the Galactic Republic. In Return of the Jedi, she is also the daughter of a Forceeker, which is a Force sensitivity. She is strong-willed because she knows her actions need to be force-backed if she is to accomplish her mission. In that movie, she does become a target for Darth Vader.

Darth Vader is also part of the good light side. He was the most ruthless character in all of Star Wars. Although he was cold-hearted at times, he was also very loyal to his Padawan learner, Luke Skywalker. Vader had a dark side, but he was very loyal to the Force.

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