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The Complete Guide to Picking a Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Did you know that two in every five people are trying to lose weight? Especially in the wake of the pandemic, many of us feel we’re carrying a few extra pounds.

If you take to the internet, you’re sure to see thousands of fad diets that swear you’ll lose weight quickly and easily. But, speed isn’t necessarily the best factor when picking a diet plan. You want something sustainable that will get the weight off and keep it off through small lifestyle changes.

To help you with your weight loss goals, we’ve put together this list of types of diets. On it, you’ll find the best diets for sustainable weight loss that allow you to live healthier while still enjoying your favorite foods!

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

All effective diets work because of the CICO principle, or “calories in, calories out.” As long as the number of calories you burn during your day exceeds the number of calories you eat, you’ll lose weight.

Vegetarian and vegan diets are not inherently calorie-restrictive, in that you’re not confined to certain calorie counts per day. But, they make it easier to achieve your weight loss goals by eliminating certain high-calorie food groups.

Vegetarians can eat everything except meat. This means no bacon, no steaks, no burgers. Already, it’s eliminated some high-calorie meals!

Vegans don’t eat any animal products whatsoever. This means no cheese, no milk, no eggs, and some vegans even eliminate honey.

These diets might be the right choice for you if you want to eliminate animal products to lower your overall calories, but still, allow yourself to eat carbs and sweets in moderation.


Keto has been a buzzword for the last few years as a hyper-effective diet. Keto works by eliminating your carb sources and increasing your sources of protein and fat. This forces your body into ketosis, where it burns more body fat as fuel instead of carbs.

The keto diet is fueled primarily by meat, nuts, dairy, eggs, vegetables, and other sources of food that are considered carb-free, or very low in carbs. Keto is a great choice for dieters who can’t give up meat but are happy to give up sweets, rice, and noodles.

In this article about vegetarian vs keto diets, you can compare the two diets we’ve already covered.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting helps you stick to the CICO principle by limiting the times when you can eat. For instance, if you find that you’re usually not very hungry in the morning, consider not eating breakfast and starting eating only after noon.

Alternatively, if you’re very busy in the afternoons and evening, consider eating a bigger breakfast and lunch and not eating after 3 pm. Creating a daily meal schedule in this way will help you to eliminate mindless snacking. And, it can be combined with either of the diets we’ve mentioned above for better results!

Picking a Diet Plan Demystified

If you’re thinking about starting a diet, remember that you want something sustainable. Your diet should work for your lifestyle and your personal preferences. You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re suffering, you should feel like you’re making a healthy lifestyle adjustment!

With all that in mind, consider the choices we’ve listed above and pick the plan that works for you. If you enjoyed learning about picking a diet plan, we have tons of health and lifestyle content on our blog. Check it out for more!

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