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What Are Fermenters? Definition, Properties and Design

What are Fermenters? Fermenters are useful to get yeast and bacteria to ferment food. There are different types of fermenters depending on how you use them. The most common type of fermenter is the screw top or conical fermenter and they are used for bread making but can also be used for making wine, beer and cider.

What are Fermenters and Why Use Them

Why use fermenters? Ferments allow food processing and fermentation to take place without using chemicals. Many of the bacteria and yeast that cause food spoilage do not survive in sanitized environments so sanitation is an important factor when dealing with these micro organisms. Selective herbicides work well in a sanitized environment because they kill only the unwanted microorganisms. The resulting product is a purified one that has no spores and no longer has the potential to produce contaminated food.

What are Stainless Steel Fermenters

What are stainless steel fermenters? A stainless steel fermenter looks similar to a conical fermenter because it too has a bowl-like interior. In addition, both contain water and an airlock. However, the internal surface of the stainless steel fermenter is coated with a thin film of a polyimide gel. This gel makes the inner surface smooth so that the sanitary precautions of the airlock can be maintained.

What are Stainless Steel Fermenters
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Do I need to use chemicals for my stainless fermenter? Yes, you do have to use some form of sanitizer, especially if you are using a sanitized stainless fermenter that contains grains like wheat or oats. Some cultures, such as penicillium or mold, will die within two days if they are not sanitized. Other non-food particles, like salt or sugar, can be successfully reintroduced into the fermenter by passing an air tight bag over the fermenter as it is filling with air. This will remove any bits that fall from the bag as the fermenter fills with air.

Using Thermometer for Fermenter

Do I have to use a thermometer for my fermenter? Yes, you also do need to use a thermometer when you are using grains for brewing. If you are using a fermenter that contains both air and food, then placing the fermenter in an unheated garage will help to keep the temperature down. If your fermenter is left in the garage unheated, the temperature may rise to the point where the grains will start to become moldy. This may not happen if you only leave the fermenter in the cold but leave the door open and only seal the top of the door.

Using Thermometer for Fermenter
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How much does it cost to use what are fermenters for? You can buy single serve fermenters for around twenty dollars or less. However, if you use the single serve type, you should buy several because you intend to make use of them more than once. They are available for as low as ten dollars and as high as forty dollars. If you want to have your own, then expect to spend between seventy and eight hundred dollars. You can even spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on commercial fermenters.

What are Fermenters – Can you make your Own Fermenter

Can you make your own fermenter? Of course, you can use whatever you want. However, if you do decide to make your own fermenter, be prepared to do a little bit of work. You will need to find and purchase the grains, bags, and bottles and then you will have to figure out how you are going to package them. This may require some careful reading as not all package methods are safe for what are fermenters for.

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