What Do Capital Goods Jobs Pay? flashyinfo.com

What Do Capital Goods Jobs Pay? flashyinfo.com

Whether you’re a college student looking for a job, or a seasoned professional seeking a change, the capital goods industry has plenty to offer. Jobs in the field pay well and are rewarding. Let’s know in depth what do capital goods jobs pay.

What is Capital Goods Job

Many capital goods jobs involve making consumer goods. For instance, you might be a software engineer developing computer tools for a manufacturer. Others involve creating components for a car. Some require a high school degree while others require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Job Benefits and What Do Capital Goods Jobs Pay?

Capital goods jobs also offer good job security. A number of large, well-known companies exist, offering competitive wages and excellent benefits.

Quality Control Inspector

A quality control inspector, for instance, may start out at $36,000. With experience, that salary can soar to more than $50,000. A quality control manager also pays well. This position ensures that the capital products are converted into something worth spending money on.

Quality Control Manager Earnings

The quality control manager’s annual salary is estimated at $72,175. That’s a lot of money. The average salary for an industrial engineer is estimated at $95,300. It’s also predicted that the average annual salary for an industrial engineer will rise 14% by 2030.

Product Designer Salary

The product designer’s average annual salary is around $74,000. That’s more than the average salary for an electronics engineer.


Although many capital goods jobs require a bachelor’s degree, there are also entry-level positions that don’t.

Capital Goods Job Descriptions

Another good capital goods job involves being a product designer. A product designer develops products that are sold around the world. Without such a talented individual, a company cannot function.

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