festive season is the best time to visit in India

Best Time to Visit India to Enjoy Festive Season

Due to the varied cultures and geographical regions, there are the different best time to visit India. There is different climatic condition in different parts of India resulting due to the variety in the geographical regions. And because of the variety in the Culture and the traditions different regions celebrate separate festivals in different parts of the year.

However, the best time to visit India will majorly depend on which festival do you want to enjoy and the places you want to explore. But still, the time from October to March is the most crowded time from the tourist point of view. So, here let us discover the best time to visit India to enjoy the festive season.

When to Avail Perfect India Trip?

The perfect time to avail of the best trip to India is from October to March. The reason behind calling it the ideal time to book India tour package is that this is the peak festive time of India. Along with it, during this time the weather is cool and you do not have to bear with the extreme hotness. This is the ideal time for the trip to the central and northern part of India and also enjoy the several festivals.

When is The Tourist Season in India?

India receives tourists from every corner of the world all around the year. But the part of the year when India receives a maximum number of tourists is during the winter season. This is the reason why winter is also called the tourist season in India. The next reason behind this particular time being the best tourist season is the celebration of the major Indian festivals. Many of the tourists visit India during the winter months to witness the cultural and traditional way in which the Indian celebrate their festivals.

Apart from the winter being the most preferred time, summers are also equally preferred to visit India. The place which is full of tourists during the summertime is mostly from south India. The northernmost part of India such as Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttrakhand are full of tourists during the summer. These places are the best way to retreat yourself to extreme temperatures during summer.

The Festive Season in India

The variety of cultures and traditions followed by several people in India has given birth to numerous festivals. In India people celebrates more than hundreds of festival yearly. These festivals are also the major reason why a great number of tourists visit India. The major festivals of India include Dewali, Pongal, Dusshera, Eid, Durga Pooja, Gurupurab, Baisakhi, etc. The list starts from January and lasts till December. Different parts of India celebrate separate festivals during different times.

But still, the time which is considered most ideal for the festive season is from October to March. Because the Dussehra and Diwali two most celebrated festival of India falls during this time. So, this can be considered the ideal time to witness the festive season of India.

Where to Go in India in the Festive Season?

North India:

In India, the festive season begins in October and Northern India is the major center of attraction at that time. The festive season in the Northern part starts from October with Dusherra and lasts till Chhaath. One of the greatest Hindu festivals i.e. Dipawali is very famous here. To enjoy the best during Diwali, you must visit Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh. The whole country is lightened with candles and Deepak which is a marvelous scene you can never miss.

During the month of December and January, Punjab becomes the center of major festivals such as Gurupurab and Baishakhi. The Golden Temple of Amritsar seems more beautiful and fascinating during the Gurupurab.

South India:

The major festivals celebrated in the Southern part of India are Onam Pongal, Jagannath puri rath yatra, Ugadi, Mysore Dasara, Hampi, etc. These festivals generally fall during the different seasons and months. Many of these festivals fall during the month of April and June. You can also witness the world-famous and the biggest Rath Yatra i.e. Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra over here. You can visit this region, especially during summer to witness major festivals. The major reason for celebrating these festivals is to celebrate the harvesting season. Other major festivals are to serve the god of respective religions.

Eastern India:

The major attraction of the Eastern part of India is Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, West Bengal, etc. The place is well known for both, its natural beauty and cultural diversity. The major festival attraction of this region includes Bihu, Loshar, Majuli, Hornbill festival, and Durga Pooja in West Bengal. All these festivals belong to different communities of people.

Western Ghats:

The Western Ghats majorly includes the region of Mumbai, Goa, and portions from South India. The major Festival in Mumbai is Ganesh Chaturthi which is celebrated for around 11 days. This 11 days festival includes several big Ganesh Idols placed in different parts of Maharashtra. The last visarjan day is the most important one which you must not miss. The major festivals celebrated in Goa include Easter and Christmas.

Hence, different parts of India celebrate their festivals every season so any time you reach India. You can get the opportunity to enjoy at least one of them. But still, to make your tour to India you need to discover about all the festive seasons. Also, make sure you know the places to visit at each of the festivals. For the same, you can get the best booking with the LIH which is the best agency providing the India tour packages for the festive season. So, make sure to check out the travel packages of LIH for the festive season and book them.

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