Jared Fogle First Wife: Who Is Elizabeth Fogle?

Jared Fogle First Wife: Who Is Elizabeth Fogle?

Background and Upbringing

Elizabeth, before she met Jared and became a part of his controversial story, was just another American trying to navigate through life. Born and raised in a middle-class household, she had a typical upbringing that consisted of school, friends, and family activities. Little did she know how her life would take a dramatic turn.

College Years and Meeting Jared

It was during her college years that she met Jared. Both were students, each with dreams and aspirations. Their meeting was nothing short of serendipitous. As college love stories go, theirs began with shared classes, group projects, and coffee dates.

The Marriage with Jared Fogle

The Wedding Day

The wedding day was a grand affair. Friends, family, and acquaintances gathered to celebrate their union. Life seemed perfect, with Jared’s Subway career taking off, placing them both in the limelight.

Life in the Limelight

Being the wife of the “Subway Guy” brought Elizabeth both fame and scrutiny. The public’s fascination with Jared’s weight loss story and their life together became a daily topic of discussion. But as we all know, the limelight often comes with its shadows.

The Subway Scandal

Immediate Reactions and Impacts

The scandal that broke out around Jared was like a storm. Accusations, arrests, and subsequent trials created a media frenzy. Overnight, Elizabeth found herself at the center of a nightmare.

Elizabeth’s Standpoint

Elizabeth, true to her character, faced the situation with grace. She voiced her shock and disappointment, emphasizing her primary concern: their children. Can you imagine the whirlwind of emotions she went through?

Post-Divorce Life

Coping and Moving On

Recovery from such a public debacle is never easy. Yet, Elizabeth did it. She took steps to distance herself, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for her kids. In times of adversity, isn’t resilience the best armor?

Elizabeth’s Stance on Privacy

Following the scandal, Elizabeth became an advocate for privacy, emphasizing its importance in healing and rebuilding.

Where Is She Now?

Personal Life

Elizabeth has done an incredible job of shielding her life from the prying eyes of the media. She’s rebuilt, refocused, and rediscovered herself in the process.

Professional Journey

Elizabeth, always a beacon of strength, channeled her energies into various endeavors.

Charitable Endeavors

In the subsequent years, Elizabeth engaged in charitable works, contributing to society and making a difference.

The Quest for Privacy

She remains elusive, valuing her privacy, a lesson learned from the hardships of her past.


Elizabeth Fogle’s story is one of resilience, strength, and recovery. While her association with Jared brought unexpected challenges, she emerged stronger, redefining her path and advocating for the importance of personal space and privacy in today’s intrusive world.


Who is Elizabeth Fogle?

Elizabeth Fogle is the first wife of Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesperson.

How did Elizabeth and Jared meet?

They met during their college years.

How did Elizabeth cope post the scandal?

Elizabeth focused on her children, sought privacy, and engaged in charitable endeavors.

Does Elizabeth have any children?

Yes, Elizabeth and Jared have children together.

What is Elizabeth’s stance on privacy?

Post the scandal, Elizabeth became an advocate for personal privacy, emphasizing its importance in healing and rebuilding.

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