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How to Select Pest Control Companies: Everything You Need to Know

You open your cabinet to pull out a box of cereal when you see it. There’s a roach staring back at you. Where there is one pest, there are several.

There’s a high probability that you have a nest somewhere in your home. You need to select pest control companies that can take care of your situation before it turns into a huge issue.

The problem is choosing the right company for the job. We can help you with that. Check out this guide to learn how to weigh your pest control options and sort through the different businesses in your area.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

When comparing pest control fees, it’s going to be tempting to choose the cheapest company that you can find. You want to get a good deal.

While you may be able to shave some dollars off your bill, you have to weigh the importance of that vs. the quality of the service. When something seems like it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Many companies that offer their services dirt cheap use toxic products that won’t even get rid of your problem. At that point, you’ll spend more money having a second company come out to your home to go behind the first one.

Ask to See Their Permits

For a company to legally work, they have to have certain licenses and permits. You can rest easy knowing that businesses that have these qualifications have gone through extensive training procedures.

They’ll be able to take a look at your home and immediately know several ways they can get the job done. They have access to quality chemicals that will be non-toxic to your pets but send pests packing.

Companies that don’t have permits use low-quality products that aren’t going to work that well, and they don’t have as much experience under their belt.

You can ask to see a company’s qualifications while you’re interviewing them. If they’re hesitant to show them, you should be hesitant to hire them.

Experience Is Key

As you’ve most likely gathered from what we’ve been over so far, experience is key when it comes to hiring a pest control company. You might be able to get great service from a newer business, but it’s not something you should bank on.

Always ask a company how long they’ve been working. The longer they’ve been established, the more likely it is that they’ve seen situations like yours and know how to handle them.

Check Out Reviews

When you type “pest control companies near me” into the Google search engine, you’re going to get a lot of results. Talking to your family and friends can help you narrow down your choices a bit.

Ask them who they go through and plug the names they give you into your web browser. You should get a list of online customer reviews that you can read.

We will tell you to take these reviews with a grain of salt. Not many people who have something nice to say bother with commenting. You’ll have to sort through a ton of negative press to get to the quality reviews.

If you do want to get a good mix of good and bad comments, most pest control companies post testimonials on their website that you can read.

Don’t Rush Through the Process

Choosing a pest control company is a huge commitment. It’s not something that you should rush through. As long as your situation isn’t too out of control, take your time.

Call around and get a quote from several different companies. Conduct thorough interviews and ask plenty of questions instead of hiring the first business that’s willing to give you a good deal.

Go Over the Contract With a Fine-Tooth Comb

Before you commit to a company, they’ll make you sign a contract. Don’t sign it or agree to anything until you go over it with a fine-tooth comb. Otherwise, you could trap yourself into a long-term deal that you weren’t ready for.

If the company tries to pressure you to hurry up and sign the contract, that means something’s up. Put your pen down and consider getting rid of ground moles by yourself.

Ask About Their Safety Measures

Safety is a huge concern when letting a pest control company into your home. You need to make sure that the chemicals they use aren’t going to be toxic to your children or pets. It’s not a bad idea to try to reach out to a sustainable business for that reason.

Your safety isn’t the only thing that matters, however. You’ve also got to worry about the workers. If the business you hire doesn’t have worker’s comp insurance, you could end up paying the medical bills in the event that someone gets hurt.

Let’s say that one of the workers breaks a priceless heirloom. If the pest control company doesn’t have liability insurance, they don’t have to compensate you for it. All the employees need to have the necessary safety equipment on hand too.

Select Pest Control Companies That Can Tackle the Job

Where there’s one bug, there’s a bunch more. You’ll need to hire pest control companies to take care of the problem before it turns into a huge issue.

Choosing the right company for the job isn’t as hard as you may think. As long as you’re diligent about reading over your contract and know what red flags to look out for, you’ll be fine. For more tips that will help you keep your home bug-free, feel free to explore the rest of our blog.

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