Improve your skincare routine through easy to use TRELL App

Improve your skincare routine through easy to use TRELL App

TRELL app is an application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that is designed to help you maintain and improve your skin. This app has more than 50 million monthly active users and features regional content in eight different languages. It is easy to use and comes with a wide variety of skincare products.

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Over 50 million monthly active users

Founded by IIT Bombay alumni, Trell is India’s largest lifestyle social commerce platform. It enables millions of Indian-language internet users to discover new products and brands through meaningful content. The company has onboarded over 500 personal care brands in the last few months. It also launched a social commerce section on its app, which allows users to buy products directly within the app. It also provides personalized product recommendations from trusted influencers.

The social commerce feature has grown 30% month-on-month. The app’s content library is said to generate more than 20 billion monthly views. The company also aims to launch in six more languages. The company plans to expand its footprint to more than 2000 cities across the country.

The company aims to build a thriving creator ecosystem, enabling millions of Indians to become micro-entrepreneurs. It is also developing AI technologies to facilitate more personalized and effective social commerce.

Regional content in eight different languages

Known as the “Video Pinterest of India,” Trell is a social media app that lets users create vlogs and videos. TRELL App allows you to post content in eight different regional languages. You can sign in with your Facebook account or Gmail address. You can also upload photos, audio recordings and videos. You can use filters and effects to make your videos look good. It also offers a “Plus” icon to share your content.

Trell also has a social commerce feature. This lets users buy products through influencer videos. It aims to become the biggest lifestyle community in India by 2020. It’s onboarding over 500 brands in the last few months.

With over 50 million monthly active users, Trell claims to have over 100 million downloads. It has a content library that generates 20 billion monthly views. In the next 12 months, it plans to expand its footprint to over 2000 cities across the country.

Wide range of skin care products at TRELL App

Whether you’re looking for the best skin care products or the latest gadgets, Trell app is your one-stop destination. With a plethora of offerings, it is easy to get your hands on all that you want at the cheapest price.

Trell app allows you to shop for over 600+ brands from across 20 categories including skincare, beauty, health, fitness and more. You can also read product reviews in regional languages, watch product videos, and interact with other like-minded shoppers to make your shopping experience a memorable one. You can even opt for cash-on-delivery, and get your order delivered at your doorstep within seven to ten business days.

Among its other offerings, you can also buy cosmetics, feminine hygiene, home decor and kitchen accessories. There are also some very exciting deals and offers on offer.

Easy to use

Developed by Indian app development company, Trell Experiences, this application lets you create videos that are short and sweet. It has a number of features to offer. You can earn coins, buy your favorite beauty products, and become a vlogger.

It has a seamless interface and you can upload and edit photos and videos. You can create videos about your daily life, travel, and fitness. You can also browse through travel destinations and other content. You can search for your favorite beauty products, workout routines, or food recipes.

In addition to video creation, you can explore the latest fashion trends, makeup tutorials, and fitness routines. You can also share your own videos with friends and followers. You can browse through the feeds of other users to find the most popular content.

Business model

Among the major social commerce platforms in India, Trell is a leading one. It enables users to buy and sell lifestyle products, including beauty and wellness. The company has a strong consumer base in the metro cities, and has been growing fast. However, its financial model is facing challenges. It struggles to pay content creators. It also charges a commission of 20-25% on each order.

In April, a forensic team from EY India probed Trell. They found serious financial irregularities. After the review, Trell laid off close to 300 employees. The company has also announced a restructuring plan. It will restructure its workforce and will increase its headcount by about 1000 people in the next 12 months.

The business model of the Trell app is based on a combination of user-generated and brand-generated content. The company offers three-minute videos around various passions. These videos are available in eight Indian languages.


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