The Complete Guide to Selecting an Oral Surgeon Everything to Know

The Complete Guide to Selecting an Oral Surgeon Everything to Know

An oral surgery experience isn’t going to excite most people. More often than not, it’s a dreaded experience. Significantly more so if you can’t find the right oral surgeon.

From tooth extraction to dental implants, selecting an oral surgeon you can trust is necessary. Your choice determines the safety of the procedure, quality of results, and speed of recovery.

If you’re going under the knife, make sure it’s in capable hands. To find those capable hands, follow along!

Ask Other Professionals in the Field

Dentists, other healthcare providers, and specialists all operate within the web. So, the most reliable way to find a pro is to ask the other pros.

Their understanding of your specific problem and their knowledge of procedures makes their recommendation invaluable. For certain dental treatments, a referral might even be necessary.

Since your doctor will have a general diagnosis, it’s easier for them to narrow down specialist options. For example, if they know you need a wisdom tooth extraction, they can recommend surgeons with that specific experience.

If you’re facing a possible wisdom tooth surgery, these helpful tips will set you on your way to recovery.

Conduct Thorough Research

Search online for options for surgeons within a reasonable range you can travel to. Narrow down your scope by looking for surgeons that specialize in or have experience with your required procedure. Working off of your professional referrals, do your research on the recommended specialists.

Reading online reviews by previous patients also gives insight you can’t get from the pros. Be on the lookout for patients who already had the surgery you’re looking to get. This guarantees that they have experience working with patients with a similar case.

Look for Certifications

Making sure you’re working with a licensed oral surgeon is non-negotiable. Your safety directly relies on your surgeon’s training and credibility. So, check for board certification, special awards, and memberships in professional societies.

By looking up dental society records, you can get a list of members with good standing. The American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has a directory of certified surgeons with their names and contact information.

Localize your search to make sure a surgeon abides by the rules and regulations of your state. Check out this list of the dental societies within your region and state by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Secure a Visit Before Selecting an Oral Surgeon

Get yourself an introductory appointment before finalizing your choice. This is an opportune moment to ask questions and talk about your treatment plan. Make sure you’re aware of possible risks and the cost.

This lets you assess their location and the condition of their facility. It also gives you an initial feel for their staff and other accommodations.

Only Trust the Best

Surgeries are necessary but never completely risk-free. However, you can minimize those risks by selecting an oral surgeon that’s credible, recommended, and insured.

Follow our tips to find an oral surgeon you can trust with your safety and your money. Do you need help making other important decisions? Check out our other guides!

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