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Grow Where You’re Planted: How to Start Growing Plants as a Hobby

A study’s found that 80% of people are growing their own fruits and vegetables to cut down on costs. But some people also like to grow plants for fun! Plus, what comes out of your efforts is very rewarding, regardless of if you can eat it or not.

If you want to pick up plants as a hobby, then you’re in the right place. Here’s a brief guide on how to start growing plants and do some gardening too!

Easy Plants to Grow Indoors

If you’ve got a black thumb, not to worry. There are many plants you can grow indoors that barely need any care! Plus, they’re beautiful as well, so you don’t have to put up with ugly pots scattered around.

The snake plant (sansevieria) has long green rigid leaves that have striking patterns. They don’t need lots of water and aren’t fussy about temperature and humidity. You can neglect them and they’ll still survive.

Another plant that won’t die from neglect is the Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ) plant. It has various shoots coming out with dark, waxy green leaves. You don’t have to water it much and it’ll give you a lush look.

Philodendrons and pothos plants are also easy to take care of. You just have to water them once in a while and they’ll put out long vines that’ll give any space a jungle vibe.

Easy Plants to Grow Outdoors

Do you want to grow something you can eat? Then start with tomatoes. You can buy seeds, but you can also plant seeds from the tomatoes you buy from the grocery store.

Start them in a little bit of soil indoors where it’s warm. Once they sprout and grow a few inches, you can then move them outside, especially if it’s warm where you live. You won’t have to do much with the soil to get gorgeously red and delicious tomatoes!

There are a few other edible plants you can try for gardening for beginners, such as mint and basil. Just buy seeds and start them as you would with tomato seeds.

If you’re looking for flowers, then the easiest one to grow is the sunflower. While their main requirement is lots of sun (as their name implies), there’s not much else they need.

You can scatter the seeds in any type of soil, and you won’t need to fertilize the soil either. In no time, you’ll find large sunflowers looming in your yard.

If you need any more advice, there are always great guides online, like the ones Gardening Right provides!

Have Fun Growing Plants

Whether you want to up your interior design with some living things or you’ve got some outdoor space (or both!), growing plants can be rewarding. Just make sure that you start off small and slow, as it can quickly become overwhelming if you buy/plant too many plants at once.

With enough time and experience, you’ll have flourishing houseplants and garden greenery in no time!

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