The Latest Tips That Make Renting Your Next Dream House Simple

The Latest Tips That Make Renting Your Next Dream House Simple

Did you know more contractors are building single-family rental houses? You can still find your dream house and an excellent landlord. If you need tips on choosing between different types of homes, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to find a solid house to rent. You’ll want to have a property inspection done and ask the landlord about home repairs.

Ready to learn more? Check out the tips below.

What Is the Landlord-Tenant Law?

First, before renting a house, you’ll want to understand the landlord-tenant laws. You should research what rules will apply to you. What are your responsibilities and rights as a tenant in your state?

You’ll Need to Inspect the Property

Spend time checking out the property. Don’t rush into renting a house based on its exterior.

You’ll want to inspect the AC unit, water system, and windows and doors. Does the plumbing work well? Are all the toilets flushing well, and is there decent water pressure?

You could ask the landlord or realtor about any recent home repairs. When was the house last inspected and repaired? You don’t want to overspend on your heating bills in the winter because of a faulty system.

Read Your Lease

Spend time reading your lease and highlighting any confusing areas.

Your lease is the contract between your landlord and you. The lease might contain clauses that aren’t a rule of the landlord-tenant laws. The clauses will become legally binding if you sign the lease with the landlord.

Are you worried the lease isn’t fair? Seek legal counsel. Get an attorney who specializes in landlord-tenant relations.

Take Photos of the House

Try inspecting the property once more. After you finish the lease and agree with the landlord, you’ll want to look at the property. You’ll need to take some photos of any damage you see at the property.

Are there small holes in the wall from paintings or wall-mounted televisions? Take a photograph of the holes and let your landlord know in writing.

Your landlord might not agree to fix the damage beforehand. It’s critical to tell the landlord before moving in; otherwise, they might try to blame you. Avoid some of these problems by being prepared.

Pay Rent Each Month on Time

After moving into your new rental, make sure you pay rent each month on the same day.

Paying in cash isn’t great because you can’t track the payment. Find out from the landlord if they prefer checks, electronic transfers, or cash.

If you do want to pay in cash, request a receipt. This way, you can document the date when you paid.

Also, if you do send a check, ensure the landlord receives the check. Did they deposit it yet? If they haven’t, you might want to inquire about it.

Ensure that they received the rent, so they don’t try to accuse you of not paying.

You should think about how much you can afford. Planning to rent in Charlotte, NC, but need some helpful tips? Find more here.

Connect with Your Landlord

You should try and build a respectful relationship with your landlord.

You don’t need to be the best of friends, but you want to have a decent working relationship. Disgruntled landlords aren’t easy to deal with throughout the rental period. Remain patient and kind.

Do you need to work with a landlord’s property manager? Happier landlords tend to respond faster to emergencies. Try to establish an excellent relationship with them.

Keep Documentation of Communications

You should always record any conversations between you and your landlord. Keep text messages and emails. You want to be able to protect yourself if you ever need to go to court.

Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Spend time getting to know your next-door neighbors. Your neighbors will have insight into the neighborhood. You can find out if they recommend a local restaurant or another establishment.

Ask the neighbors what they know about your landlord. Were they around to fix the house up? Your neighbor might give you some helpful information about any previous tenants.

Inform Your Landlord of Problems

Tenants have the responsibility of contacting their landlord about problems or issues. You should call your landlord if your washer breaks down or if you notice a leak in the wall.

If you don’t call your landlord and the problem worsens, you could get held liable for the damages.

Can You Bring Pets?

Do you want to adopt a pet from the local shelter? Call your landlord and get permission. Don’t try to sneak any pets onto the property if your landlord hasn’t approved them.

Many landlords won’t let animals stay on the property because of the damage they can cause.

Expect Inspections

Your landlord might call and ask to complete an inspection of the house. You shouldn’t let the landlord harass you, though. They can inspect the property as long as they give you notice.

These inspections should occur at a reasonable hour and not every week.

Renting Your Dream House

Did you find this guide helpful on how to find your dream house?

If you find a rental property you love, spend time inspecting the property. You’ll want to determine what the landlord expects from you in terms of maintenance, like whether they want you to mow the lawn or clear the snow from sidewalks. If you have plans for Central Georgia you should choose apartments for rent in Macon.

Maintain a respectful relationship with the landlord or property manager.

Need more home tips like this? Check out the real estate section of our blog today.

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