How to Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Have Space For

How to Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Have Space For

Did you know that “humanness” makes us more likely to attach sentimental value to objects?

Maybe you still have a party outfit you haven’t worn in years but keep for sentimental value. But what about those objects you know you no longer need and don’t feel attached to at all? If you have such items, it’s time for you to declutter.

If you want more space in your home, continue reading this guide to getting rid of stuff.

Start with Your Mindset

Before getting rid of everything and starting over, reflect. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to get rid of stuff in the first place?”

It will help you analyze your motivations for decluttering. You might even note your reasons somewhere, whether on paper or on your phone.

While preparing your mindset for decluttering, evaluate the obstacles blocking you from finishing this task. You must be ready for these challenges to handle them effectively.

Use a Decluttering “Snowball” Method

For some people, decluttering an entire home in a few days is super overwhelming. If that’s your case, don’t worry. You can get this task done in your own time.

A fantastic technique worth trying is the “snowball” method. It works like this: on the first day, you get rid of an item. The day after, you get rid of two objects, and so on. This allows you to get rid of unwanted items in your home at a slow pace, but in an effective way.

After snowballing for seven days, you’ll be able to donate or get rid of 28 things. If you do it for a month (30 days), you’ll declutter 465 objects from your house.

If you’re about to move and need a place to store your belongings, check out this guide to storage rentals. Decluttering can be stressful doing it overnight, so take your time and leave your stuff at a storage rental.

Think about When You Last Used Things

A helpful way to know whether it’s worth keeping an item is by thinking about when you last used it. If it has been years or months, you probably should get rid of it.

If it’s something that has sentimental value, then such a rule doesn’t apply.

Ask Yourself, “Do I Love It?”

You’re familiar with the following rule if you ever watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

. According to Kondo, you should only keep what makes you feel a “spark of joy” when you touch it.

If you’re unsure about something, think about whether you love it. If you don’t, you might want to part with it. If you do, keep it guilt-free.

For objects you’re not in love with but still feel uncertain about, ask another question: “Does this add value to my life?” If it does, keep it. If it doesn’t, try to let it go.

The more you do it, the more skilled you’ll be in the art of getting rid of things. So next time you need to declutter, it won’t be as difficult.

Follow This Guide to Getting Rid of Stuff

The point of decluttering isn’t about forcing you to live a minimalist lifestyle. Instead, this guide to getting rid of stuff is about creating space for new things. It’s about looking at your home and feeling calm because you can easily find whatever object you need.

So, follow these tips and try focusing on the benefits of decluttering.

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