Protecting Your Hair From Heat Damage and Breakage - Porosity Hair

Protecting Your Hair From Heat Damage – Porosity Hair

Depending on how thick your hair tends to be, it can be categorized into high, medium, and low porosity. If your hair has high porosity hair, then it means that your follicles are more susceptible to breakage. On the other hand, since your hair is very deep rooted, it might not be able to hold onto natural oils as well as some other kinds of hair. If this is the case, then you need to start working on your hair’s breakage.

Aside from breaking easily, high porosity hair also produces tangles. Because your hair has a large surface area, there is a lot of room for things to grow at. That means when you brush or comb your hair, you’ll definitely get some tangles. Most people will just put up with their tangles until they become unruly enough to end up in a ponytail or a bun. However, if you let your tangles go unchecked, then you might end up with a frizzy appearance. And since frizziness can make you look dull and lifeless, then this can lead to baldness as well.

To fight off frizziness, you can apply shea butter or coconut oil on your high porosity hair. These ingredients are good moisturizers. They can retain moisture in your hair while protecting your scalp from the harmful effects of the environment. One way to maintain moisture is to massage your scalp using your fingertips. This is effective especially if you want to bring back the shine on your split ends. Massaging your scalp can also improve the circulation of blood in your scalp which will help you retain more moisture.

Another way to prevent your high porosity or dry hair takes place if you allow your dry hair to become too dry. This happens if you wash or towel dry your dry hair often. When you do this, your dry strands are deprived of moisture because it was unable to absorb moisture when it was wet. You need to allow your dry strands time to recover. For this, you can opt for blow drying instead of regular towel drying.

The main reason why your high porosity hair becomes too dry is because the strands are damaged. When this happens, it becomes harder for the strands to recover and this eventually leads to thinning. The only solution to this problem is to give the strands enough time to recover. If your dry strands don’t recover fast enough, then it might lead to the breakage of the strands, which leads to the appearance of split ends.

Aside from the breakage that happens when you repeatedly dry your hair with blow dryers, another problem that occurs when you frequently style your high porosity hair is that the cuticles become damaged. The reason for this is because they are constantly exposed to oil. Aside from being exposed to oil, styling treatments are also the major culprits of damaging the cuticles. When you regularly style your hair using hot styling tools, then the cuticles will get damaged easily.

The only solution to this problem is to find a deep conditioner for your high porosity hair. You can find such conditioners in shops specializing on hair care products. But if you really want a conditioner that will not damage your high porosity hair then you should be willing to experiment with various kinds of natural ingredients. Among these ingredients you can try is al Paris lives extraordinary oil. This amazing natural ingredient is made from the oils gathered from the morning fruit. The morning fruit has high antioxidant content and its high lipid peroxide contents help restore damaged cells and make your strands smooth and shiny.

To make sure that you will be able to achieve the desired results when you style your high porosity hair without causing any damage, you need to make sure that you leave your locks well-taken care of. You can start taking good care of your locks by using deep cleansing conditioners at least once every week. If you are like me, then the only time you ever take out your high porosity hair tip brush is during the last 10 minutes of styling. This means you need to take good care of your scalp by only using the best leave-in conditioner that you can afford. Aside from the leave-in conditioner, you should also apply a deep moisturizer to seal in the moisture that you need.

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