A Helpful Guide On Understanding Your Rights As A Professional Seaman

A Helpful Guide On Understanding Your Rights As A Professional Seaman

Working as a seaman comes with the risk of sustaining serious injuries as a result of the conditions that workers are often exposed to every day. However, seamen have special laws geared toward protecting them from illness and injuries that are different from the common workers’ compensation laws. For instance, the Jones Act is critical since it is specifically designed to protect the interests of the people who work at sea. Here is a helpful guide on understanding your rights as a professional seaman.

Get Compensation For Work-Related Injuries

If you suffer from work-related injuries or illness, you are eligible to get paid for loss of income because of your inability to carry out your usual duties as a result of the injuries. This type of compensation is called maintenance, and every seaman is entitled to it whether they contributed to their injury or not.

You are entitled to be repatriated to your home during the period of recovery, and the payment continues until you are fit to resume your work. The other type of compensation you’ll receive is designed to cover medical expenses, pain, and suffering.

You are Eligible to Sue the Employer

While injuries are common at sea, in many instances, they are caused by negligence. You have a legal right to sue the employer if you are hurt at sea as a result of the employer’s negligent behavior. The Jones Act empowers seamen to get compensation from their employers since they are excluded by different pieces of land-based laws. If you are a seaman, and you are hurt at work, and the illness or injury is a result of negligence, then you are protected by the Jones Act.

Make a Report

If you are injured while working at sea, you have a right to make a report of the incident through formal channels. Even if you feel the injury is not serious, make sure you report it immediately since certain injuries may manifest later on. No one should intimidate you or entice you into not reporting the case to protect the interests of the employer.

Gather Evidence

You have the right to gather evidence from any person or crew members who may be around during the time of the accident. Get full contact details for all the people present for future reference. Additionally, you also have a right to seek medical attention, and you can visit a doctor of your choice. A doctor will examine you to establish the severity of your injuries.

Obtain Legal Assistance

If you intend to pursue a court claim to get compensation for your injuries, you have a right to seek legal assistance from an attorney with experience in maritime law. An experienced attorney knows how to handle different issues to increase your chances of getting the appropriate compensation.

Working at sea often comes with risks of illnesses or injuries. If you are injured or get sick during work, you will be entitled to get compensation. If you’re a seaman, following this guide can help you understand your rights.

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