Challenges in Getaways With Chilly Gnomes

Challenges in Getaways With Chilly Gnomes

If you like the thought of being in a fantasy world, but would prefer your world to be entirely of your own creation, then you may have purchased one of the many “chilly gnomes” that can be found in the virtual world of the internet. These are simply miniature versions of the traditional gnomes that are often so popular in homes across the United States and other countries. The great thing about these digital downloads is that they are often free or come at a very low cost. Therefore, they are a great option for people who do not necessarily want to invest a lot of money into their virtual pet (with the possible exception of building a real home for one).

location Chilly Gnomes

The two locations that feature Chilly Gnomes are located in South of Snooty Shores and in East Pennysaver. South of Snooty Shores, there is a tall tree with a lone pine tree near it. To the left of this tree is another icy-blue mountain with three small mountains in its base. To the north of the mountains is an underground cave with three more caves in its base. Around the middle of the map, against the west wall, is an arctic forest with small chupacabras and a few rocky areas that will challenge any climber.

East Pennysaver features a frozen biome with chupacabras, rocky terrain, and two caves. There is an arctic biome to the immediate south of these two locations on the map. The main difference between these two locations is that the gnomes in East Pennysaver are green and do not glow in the dark like the gnomes in South of Snooty Shores are. However, they do have eyes that glow in the dark and are considered to be a challenge.

Challenges in Getaways With Chilly Gnomes

When the gnomes in East Pennysaver are defeated, they glow in the dark and return to their hiding places. If you want to get them as a pet, you must defeat them and then let them. The chupacabras here do not drop anything and only glow in the dark, but they do make a noise when they are attacked. Once a chupacabra is defeated, it drops items that can be traded with other players or given to the Auction House.

If you want to find and capture the happier hamlet gnomes, the best way is to travel to the North Pole. When you enter the North Pole area, you will see that the only thing you can do is turn around and go back to where you came from because there are no other places to go. However, finding them there is easier than locating other chilly gnomes.

Some of the challenges that you can encounter while trying to locate the chupacabras are the Frost Gnome, Happy Hamlet Gnome, and the Charming Gnome. The frost gnome can be found inside of the Happy Hamlet while the happy hamlet gnome can be found at the northwest part of the map in the winter season 7. The charming gnome can be found in the southwestern part of the map in the winter season 7. The locations of these chupacabras change every week.

A challenge that can also be obtained is the Snow Gnome. There is actually no secret to how to defeat this challenge, all you have to do is be faster than the average. You will notice that the Snow Gnome is in front of lots of other chupacabras that are also frozen. When you approach them, you can attack them by throwing snowballs at their feet. The faster you are with your throws, the more snowballs you will be able to throw at the gnomes. If they are frozen, you do not have to throw snowballs at them as they will turn around and try to run away.

It takes some time to complete the challenges in the chilling races, but once you have completed them, you can start to try the other chupacabras in the game. You will notice that the chalet locations that you have already conquered in season 7 are now easier to conquer. Be sure to visit the chilly Gnome locations in season 8 so that you can battle the frosty champions once again.

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