PokeFusion - Pokemon Fusion A-Z Amazing Facts

PokeFusion – Pokemon Fusion A-Z Amazing Facts

PokeFusion is an extremely ambitious game project by Alex Onyalsky which allows all Pokemon from the Crystal and Red versions to be blended together. In essence this means creating a new character from one or more Pokemon characters. Typically this means combining one head onto another body and applying a new combo colour scheme to the whole thing. It’s not as straight forward as it sounds though, because many of the Pokemons used in the mix have been already released as special, limited edition models or otherwise hard to find, which requires some time and work on the part of the creator.

PokeFusion - Pokemon Fusion A-Z Amazing Facts

However, I think its fair to say that pokefusion is still in its “baby” stage. This means that the creator is still finding ways to make it even easier and more intuitive for new players to jump in and start catching Pokemon right away. Right now it mostly just consists of a few select ‘monsters’ that you can only catch by traveling through certain tunnels. However, the goal is still to add more as the project progresses. So far, there are two Pokemon that have been added: Mr. Mime and Giratina. While these aren’t much of a competition with the awesome starters that are available, they are enough to get you interested in the project.

The biggest addition so far is Jirachi. This amazing little steel monster looks sort of like the dinosaur from the Diamond version of the Pokemon series, complete with spikes. As someone who playspokemons, I was instantly drawn to the idea of having a fusion website that allowed me to use these monsters with other pokemons. The only glitch so far is that when you transfer Pokemon from your pikmin to jirachi, it doesn’t always evolve; this is likely to be fixed in an update.

Pokemon Fusion A-Z Amazing Facts

Pokefusion has many features that set it apart from other software. For starters, the site allows you to search for Pokemon by their original breeding standards. In previous versions, the only way to breed a Pokemon was to go outside and catch one. It wasn’t very fun to do unless you were collecting all sorts of different Pokemon. This is why the breeding criteria were added in pokefusion. This feature was added to make the process of breeding Pokemon much easier.

Also, the creator of the pokefusion website realized that nobody really wanted to wait around for a ‘pok fusion.’ People already had enough waiting and action for their first pok. Therefore, they decided to add a feature that would allow you to choose a starter , then immediately give you a pok if your chosen Pokemon didn’t become a regular pok.

One of the most interesting aspects of pokefusion is the community that is formed on the website. A large portion of the website is dedicated to a group of people who collect common, or are just in love with all of the pokmon that have been created. These are individuals who will trade their Pokemon or eggs for other peoples’ pokemons. This is essentially the equivalent of an online community for Pokemon. On the tumblr blog, there are also pictures of all of the Pokemon that have been traded between users. There are some very beautiful ones, which I have included in my gallery for your enjoyment.

As you can see, there are many things about pokefusion that I love. However, one thing I especially like is the way that it allows me to connect with other users from all over the world who share my love of Pokemon. My friends on tumblr and twitter have also noticed how neat pokefusion is. They use it themselves and recommend it to others. That’s how powerful this social networking tool really is.

If you’re a Pokemon fan, then by all means, download pokefusion right now and enjoy the many features that it has to offer. It allows you to easily transfer your pokemons between devices and even across different networks. You can do it in a matter of minutes, and you can do it from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. It is truly one of the best things to happen to the Pokemon world since evolution. Enjoy!

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