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Edith Piaf: Biography of French Singer

Edith Piaf became a fashionable fashion trendsetter in her own right when she collaborated with couture designer Christian Dior on a series of outfits for the movie, Le Diable Matures. Her signature look consisted of dresses that were form-fitting, yet revealing enough to show off her gorgeous shoulders. She is famous for her unforgettable “Pavlovian dog“. Edith Piaf trivia will show that she attended Tufts University, studied art and design before she hit the big time. Here’s what you need to know about the legendary celebrity.

Edith Piaf Style and Clothing

Known as a bohemian vixen, Edith Piaf became a star through her unique clothing styles. She frequently wore clothing that showed her love of all things vintage, alternative, and French. She made a name for herself as a singer, creating an impact that was as important to her fans as it was for her music. Edith Piaf became a superstar from a mixture of factors including her looks, her musical talent, and her determination to make art accessible to all people.

Edith Piaf Style and Clothing
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There are many ways to define a star. One way is through their influence on music. Every great French singer that ever existed had at least some major influence from composers such as Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, Ozzy Osbourne, Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Cheap Damage. Some of these artists became well known around the early eighties. But there was never a sound like the sultry voice of Piaf. She has been able to create her own sound that is unmistakably her own through the use of certain vocal techniques and even through her choice of clothing.

Rumors About Edith Piaf

Though there were rumors that Piaf is in a relationship with the new Spice Guys (which she calls her “little black friend”), she tells Inverse: “I have my own life, and no one else’s. My life is my business. My own life is Paris.” Her relationship with the new Spice Guys is interesting, according to Piaf: “I met them because one of my fans was dating one of them. My fan knows I am dating someone from France so that she could understand me better and that’s how we became friends. We are so much alike, we can talk for hours about anything.”

Rumors About Edith Piaf
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For anyone who loves to be in the spotlight, it can be hard at times to fit in with a crowd. As the new Spice Guys prove themselves to be great stars on TV, people like Piaf are given an opportunity to shine. Not long ago, Piaf appeared on MTV’s “Video Music Awards” and made an impressive video debut.

Discography of Edith Piaf

Piaf’s music videos are proof that she is talented.  She has a sexy new look and it is clear that a lot of thought and time has gone into her look. The stylist that helped her achieve this look, Linda Holmes. The style and sensuality in the music video were nothing short of amazing. Especially when she was reclining on a plush sofa while wearing a low-cut top paired with ruffled hair.

One thing is for sure, if you are a fan of “EDI” then you will love “Piaf”. I look forward to checking out what she does next. She has definitely gained a lot of attention since the show began. Her career may only grow from here.

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