How Do You Know If Someone Blocked Your Text Messages on Android

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked Your Text Messages on Android?

If you think you have been ghosted or someone has gone radio silent, you might be wondering if they’re even getting your text messages at all. So, how do you know if someone blocked your text messages on Android? In this article, we’ll help you find out so you can have closure. North App is one of the solutions that will help you!

Your Phone Number Is Blocked: The Main Signs

When you are blocked, you’re not told about it. There’s no magic notification that tells you, ‘Hey, I’ve blocked your number!’ However, there are some signs. Here are the key signs how to tell if someone blocked your number on Android:

1. You might only hear a single ring—or none.

2. You might be put straight through to voicemail.

3. You might be told the caller is unavailable.

4. A friend’s call goes through and yours doesn’t.

5. Text messages get no response (because they’re undelivered, even if it says they have been).

6. When you hide your number, the rings last longer.

7. They answer when you hide your number.

Remember, though, that some of these signs could be because they have put their phone on Do Not Disturb or because they’re busy. You shouldn’t automatically presume the worst.

How to Know if Someone Blocked Your Number on Android?

So, if you’ve got your suspicions, how do you know if your number was blocked for certain? Here are some things to try.

Call Them From Another Number

One surefire way how to tell if you’ve been blocked on Android text messaging is to call the person from your phone. Then, after noting what happens (does it go straight to voicemail? Do you get a message to say they’re busy or unavailable? For example), try calling the number again with a different phone. If the responses are the same, you’re probably not blocked—unless they’ve also blocked the other person, of course.

Check Their Social Media

If your phone is the issue, another way how to know if someone blocked you on Android is to ditch the phone and reach out to them on social media. Blocking a number won’t necessarily mean you’re blocked off social media. As such, you can try sending them a message online. If you’ve been blocked on social media, you’ve probably been blocked on Android, too.

Try Calling Several Times

Another way how to know if an Android blocked you is to call multiple times. This isn’t to annoy them; it is because you’re trying to figure out if they’re using the Do Not Disturb (DND) function. This prevents any notifications from reaching the device while it’s turned on. Sometimes, users turn on a setting that allows certain calls to bypass the Do Not Disturb setting, for example, if they call more than once (as it could be an emergency). By trying their number a few times, you might be able to see if they just have DND turned on. Or get help from MobiPast.

Steps to Do if Your Phone Number Is Blocked

If you have been blocked on Android, there is nothing you can do to remove the block yourself. Sometimes, though, you might just want to know whether or not you are blocked or if something else is going on. Perhaps they’ve put on call divert? Perhaps their phone is on Do Not Disturb? Whatever it is, you can try a few things to know for sure:

–    Contact someone they’re close to and ask them outright.

–    Use social media to contact them.

–    Use someone else’s phone to contact them.

–    Try to see them in person (at school, college, work, or a social place).

–    Send them an email.

When you know for sure, it’s better than the unknown. You could have it all wrong, but if you don’t, at least you can move on now you know.

Final Thoughts

So, how do I know if someone blocked my texts on Android? The truth is, unless you ask them outright in person or get confirmation from someone else, you won’t really know if you’re blocked or just being ghosted. Remember, there are lots of reasons why someone might not be responding to you, blocking is just one of them. If you discover you have been blocked, it also might not be because of something you’ve done, it could even be that they’re going through a hard time themselves and just need some space from everything and everyone.

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