Who Is Naruto's Brother? Siblings And All Relationships
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Who Is Naruto’s Brother? Siblings And All Relationships

In the acclaimed Naruto Shippudden video game, players are allowed to develop a relationship with the infamous “Sage” Guy. However, this does not stop players from getting even deeper with the main character of the video game, Naruto. In fact, many gamers are seeking out information about who is Naruto’s brother, so they can find out their connection and enjoy playing the game even more. The following paragraphs will give fans new details about Naruto’s brother.

Who Is Naruto’s Brother And Other Relationships

Who Is Naruto's Brother? Siblings And All Relationships
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The first thing that all fans of Naruto should know about Naruto Shippudden is that he is actually very close to his twin brother, Naruto. They are actually blood brothers, which mean that they share the same twin essence that gives both characters their powerful fighting spirit. For example, when Naruto goes into battle he transforms into a giant tree that is similar to a cherry blossom. His brother, on the other hand, is covered in a white robe that is much like the pirate bachi.

Why Naruto As Sage

Who Is Naruto's Brother? Siblings And All Relationships
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The reason why Naruto is referred to as “Sage” in the video game is because his twin brother possesses the powerful” Sage” talent. When this talent is put to use, it allows the user to control earth and wind forces, which are known as “Zetsu.” This allows Naruto to control different elements that can affect the course of battle.

Who is Rock Lee?

Who Is Naruto's Brother?

Another thing about Naruto Shippudden that new players might want to keep in mind is that this game is different from the rest of the Naruto games that have been released thus far. In the past, the games only featured one character, which was Naruto. However, this new game allows the player to choose from different characters. One of these characters is Rock Lee, who is an excellent fighter and has a strong sense of ethics. This allows him to be a better choice for those who are looking for a good fighter and a good person to share his adventures with.

Son of Chief and Naruto

Who Is Naruto's Brother?
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Another character that is featured in this game is Kiba Inui. This character is the son of the chief of the Konoha village. While he was originally just a bodyguard, he later decided to become the most powerful practitioner of the Leaf Spirit realm, by fusing thetails of a fox and a crow. These tails give him the ability to control water which can be used to do anything he wants. By gaining the help of other users of this special ability, he can also combine this special ability with his physical ability and learn more powerful techniques.

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Pain, Chibi-chan, and the Fourth Hokage

There are a lot of different features that can be found in the game. Some of these features include: special stories featuring some of the most well known Naruto Shippudden characters such as: Pain, Chibi-chan, and the Fourth Hokage. A cut-in mode is also featured in this game. This is where the player can play with the controls of the game itself. It is also possible to change the colors of the eyes of the character with the help of the different colors given during costume changes.


This game has many different options for customizing it. The player is able to choose how many faces they want to see in the picture. They can also choose how many colors the eyes have as well as their hairstyle. They are also able to change the voice of the character as well as customize their clothing. The more custom options the player chooses, the better the game will feel like.

Who is Naruto’s brother has been a fan favorite among fans of Naruto. This video game is a great way to enjoy this popular series while playing on the computer. Not only does it have great graphics, but this game is also free, so you don’t have to worry about spending any money in order to enjoy this fun video game.

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