Stranger Things Aesthetic

Stranger Things Aesthetic

Whether you’re planning to watch the Netflix hit Stranger Things or not, you’ve probably started to notice some very cool aesthetics being used in the show. The show’s vibrant colors, psychedelic hues, and fluorescent lights all lend themselves well to a great aesthetic. In this article, we’re going to break down some of the most prominent elements that make up the show’s aesthetic.

Color palettes show the Stranger Things Aesthetic is amazing

Having a Stranger Things Aesthetic means that you want to incorporate a number of groovy patterns and elements from the show into your room decor. Some of these motifs include the alphabet painted on the wall in Will Byers’ bedroom, vintage stereo speakers, thick carpets, and oddly-shaped vases.

A good color palette for a Stranger Things aesthetic is a combination of dark contrasting colors, such as black, maroon red, mustard yellow, and dark teal. These colors will evoke a nostalgic feeling that is reminiscent of a time when the world was more innocent.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the colors you choose are not too bright. This is especially true if you’re trying to make a room feel bigger.


Whether you’re a fan of Stranger Things or not, there’s no denying the retro vibe and 80s aesthetic. The show’s plotlines often involve otherworldly realms, and the characters wear iconic 1980s fashion.

Several designers have paid tribute to the show’s 1980s aesthetic. Among them is Kyle Lambert, who designed the show’s iconic Super 8 artwork. He started working on the artwork on an iPad Pro and exporting the artwork to Photoshop.

In addition to Lambert’s work, other talented designers also contribute to the Stranger Things aesthetic. Artist Jonroru uses 8-bit video game designs in his pixel art. He also pays subtle tribute to John Carpenter’s The Thing poster.

Fluorescent lights

Using a combination of fluorescent lights and other retro styles, Stranger Things’ aesthetic pays homage to an 80s movie. It’s a combination of muted primary colors and psychedelic hues and uses funky patterns to highlight retro elements. If you want to bring retro style into your home, try covering a wall with vinyl records, thrifting for vases and storage boxes, or painting your own alphabet decals.

Fluorescent lights are more expensive than incandescent, but their long-term energy savings more than makes up for the price difference. They are also hazardous waste, so they need to be properly disposed of. You should take them to a certified recycling facility.

Psychedelic hues

Psychedelic hues are a big part of the Stranger Things aesthetic. This is evident in the way that the show is littered with quirky shapes, strangely shaped vases, and oversized walkie-talkies.

Psychedelic design is a type of abstract style that incorporates a number of dreamy themes, including psychedelic and fluorescent colors. This trend will likely resurface in the future.

The most exciting part of psychedelic design is that it is not just confined to graphic design. This trend is also making its way into web design and animation. Some examples of psychedelic design include hand-drawn typography, fluorescent colors, and dreamy shapes.

’80s text effects bundle

Whether you are looking to design a cool retro poster or T-Shirt, this pack of ’80s text effects is perfect for you! The bundle features ten different retro styles, each one with their own unique effects. All are fully layered and editable in PSD format. Moreover, they have smart objects for easy customization.

You can use the text effects for your web projects, social media posts, YouTube banners, and print projects. They are also available in high-resolution images. You can easily edit them in Photoshop.

The 80s text style is great for crafting website headers and covers. It is a trendy and stylish style that represents the electronic tech craze of the 80s. You can customize the fonts and colors to create your own retro design.

‘Stranger Things fan art

Almost as intriguing as the Stranger Things world is its fan art. Fan art is the place where the wildest creativity occurs. Fan art can include anything from sketches to re-imagined scenes to musical homages. Here are some of the coolest Stranger Things fan art.

There’s no denying the fact that the Stranger Things logo is a powerful piece of fan art. It’s been used in a number of homages and spoofs, but the official poster is probably the most well-known.

The Stranger Things logo has been used to create a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, a “fun” (for a fan) idea that is sure to impress. Another fan-made product to watch out for is the Stranger Things lamp, a disco-ball-like mobile that looks as though it belongs in the show. You can order the Stranger Things lamp from artist Haley Summers’s Etsy page.

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