Using the Shemagh Necklace For Style and Protection

Using the Shemagh Necklace For Style and Protection

The shemagh or kufya, also known as hurrah, shemagh or makhaira, is an Islamic headdress, sometimes described as a tribal cloak, or what is also sometimes referred to as a tribal dress, and which originally originated in Yemen; however it is now widely worn throughout the Middle East. In Islam, it is referred to as a “ragdha” or “taqta”. The shemagh is made of a material called “ruachid”, which in Arabic means “roofskin”.


In appearance, the shemagh looks like a short piece of tunic or a long shawl worn around the neck. It is wrapped around the neck and the ends hangs at the shoulders. There are usually small buttons at the front of the garment, which are used to fasten it around the neck. This makes it easier for men to fasten theirs; however, women will sometimes tie theirs in a bow with a single silk thread. Some people say that this was done in remembrance of the bond between the sheikh and his spiritual patron, God.


The origin of the shemagh is not clear. However, it has been claimed that it has a certain tribal connection with the British Army in India. It was later adopted by the IRA during the Irish Storming (istani guerrilla war) of the 21st century. Some sources suggest that it was actually adopted by British Army officers during the Boer War. But the IRA has never claimed any kind of connection with the shemagh.


The shemagh garment became popular as an item of jewelry worn by Arabs in the modern era. During the early twenty-first century, Arab designers started designing their own version of the traditional Arabic garment. They came up with their own unique versions of the Arab style keffiyehs. Some of these include:

Most modern Arabic style kaftans or sheaths are made from Palestinian cotton. Most modern Arabic dresses have the beautiful arab style kaftan with beautifully embellished Arabic flowers on it. The flowers are usually placed inside the Arabic pattern, although the more traditional Arabic designs had real leaves. In addition, there are some shemaghs made from a material called “Zaer”, which is said to be the most unique fabric worn in the middle east. This fabric looks very light and delicate, perfect for the arab spring or summer weddings.


Shemaghs can be worn as part of the wedding ensemble or used as additional clothing during the day. The shemagh wraps look quite elegant with their loose fit and a soft drape. They are perfect for spring or summer weddings because they can easily be paired with a strapless dress or a pair of capris or shorts. The shemagh is usually wrapped around the waist and this can be accompanied by a long scarf or a head scarf for additional protection. The wrap itself can be adorned with embellishments or sequins to create a stunning look especially when it’s worn by a very tall woman.


The wrap can either be worn alone or it can be combined with a shawl or a head scarf. These can either be knitted or made from cotton. There are many different patterns and colors available for the shemagh made from cotton or wool. They also come in many colors including; pink, green, orange, red, blue, yellow, dark blue, maroon, purple, pink, white, black, and other natural-colored fabrics.

The shemagh wrap can be made into any style by using a variety of materials including silk, cotton, lace, satin, polyester, rayon, fur, crochet, cashmere, and many other textiles. The best way to care for the garment is to avoid washing them while damp. It is important to dry clean the scarf and only wash it when it gets too dirty to keep it looking and feeling great. A soft brush and mild detergent should work just fine.

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