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I was disappointed with the typical water bottles available in the market. One night I was wandering over social media and suddenly I read one of my friends is talking about Cirkul Water Bottles. I got interested because I was totally unknown of it before.

I searched for it on google and then ordered from amazon. In this article, I am gonna share what actually my experience is with these bottles, cartridges, and flavors.

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you should know that there is a wide variety of Cirkul Water Bottle Flavors to choose from when it comes to Cirkul water bottles. These flavors include Creme brulee, Mango grapefruit, Vanilla iced coffee, and more.

Water Bottles

Designed to promote a healthier lifestyle, Cirkul Flavors water bottles are reusable and help you stay hydrated. The bottles come in a variety of flavors and styles, including stainless steel and plastic. They are also available in children’s sizes. You can find them on the Cirkul website. They are also available as starter bundles, or you can sign up for a subscription.

How Cirkul Water Bottles Work

Cirkul’s proprietary water bottle and flavor cartridge system allows you to control the amount and intensity of the flavor. Each bottle holds up to 12 to 32 ounces of water and can be used over and over. The bottle is made from BPA free Tritan plastic and features a water purifier and filter.

You can select flavors from over 50 options. These include non-caffeinated, caffeinated, and sugar free options. You can also choose from a variety of colors.

Flow Filter,  How Cirkul Water Bottles Work

Whether you drink iced coffee or energy drinks, you can use Cirkul water bottles and cartridges to add flavor to your water. The Cirkul water bottle and cartridge system uses a cartridge to add flavor to your water, and a separate filter to filter out chlorine and other contaminants. The Cirkul Flow filter can be purchased separately, or used in conjunction with your Cirkul bottle.

Cirkul bottles are available in a variety of colors and sizes. The bottles are available in BPA-free Tritan plastic or stainless steel. The bottles have a comfortable grip lid and come with a flavor cartridge. You can also purchase sleeves in a variety of colors to customize your Cirkul bottle.

Using a Cirkul water bottle can be a fun and healthy way to get your daily water. You can find Cirkul water bottles on the Cirkul website, as well as at a variety of retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart. The bottle is dishwasher-safe and the lid is ergonomically designed with soft rubber to provide a comfortable grip.

Cirkul Cartridges Flavors

Whether you are a fan of coffee or tea, you should know that you can get the same amazing flavor from your water bottle by using a Cirkul cartridge. This filter system allows you to enjoy your favorite drink from the comfort of your home.

Cirkul Cartridges Flavors

Cirkul also makes a series of flavor cartridges called Sips. The Cirkul Sips system allows you to flavor up to six 22-ounce bottles of water at a time. It is also easy to use. Just screw in a flavor cartridge, and insert the lid.

The Cirkul Sips system comes in three different sizes. The smallest is a bit under half an ounce, while the largest is a full ounce. Cirkul Sips are compatible with Simple Modern, Hydroflask, and Bubba bottles. They can also be used with most wide-mouth water bottles.

1. BrewSips

During the summer months, it may be difficult to stay hydrated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a refreshing glass of iced coffee. Cirkul has a solution for you. They have developed BrewSips, a line of iced coffee flavored water. This drink is perfect for those of you who love the taste of coffee, but aren’t into the calories or sugar that come with a cup.


The Cirkul Starter Kit includes two flavor cartridges, a water bottle and a leakproof lid. Each cartridge costs $0.50. They’re refillable and last for about six uses, assuming you use the recommended amount of water per drink. If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll appreciate the Hazelnut Iced Coffee BrewSip, which has a deep nutty flavor.

2. Peach Tea

Choosing the best water bottle can be a daunting task, but Cirkul has you covered. They produce a line of water bottles that are not only stylish but also eco-friendly and reasonably priced. Plus, the company offers a variety of bundles that can help you get started on your newfound water drinking regime. The best part is that you can choose from more than fifty different flavors.

The company’s flagship line of bottles features water filters, a built-in Flavor Chamber, and a sleek lid that is both functional and fashionable. Those interested in a more durable vessel may opt for one of their stainless steel bottles. Alternatively, the company’s line of stainless steel bottles can be customized to fit your personal taste.

3. WaterLama

Whether you’re an athlete or just want a better option to drinking sugary drinks, Cirkul Flavors WaterLama can help you get more water. The system features a water bottle with a flavor cartridge, a filter, and a lid. It’s an eco-friendly way to stay hydrated, and it comes in a variety of flavors, including caffeinated and non-caffeinated options.

Cirkul is a water bottle drinking system that uses replaceable flavor cartridges. Each cartridge comes with six bottles of flavor. There are zero calories in each bottle, and the cartridges contain no artificial colors. You can use the cartridge up to six times a day. The cartridges have a 30-day life expectancy.

Cirkul is made in Tampa, Florida. It was launched in 2015, and its market capitalization is estimated to be around $1 billion. The company’s mission is to “make drinking water enjoyable.” They sell water bottles and cartridges in the U.S. They also have an app called WaterLama. It’s free to download and has in-app purchases.

4. Iced coffee

Whether you’re looking for a healthier alternative to the sugary, caffeinated beverages that are out there, or simply want to replace your regular water bottle, Cirkul water bottles are a great option. You can get them in stainless steel or plastic, and they are dishwasher-safe. They are also reasonably priced.

Cirkul water bottles are designed to be used with flavor cartridges, which are replaceable. This allows you to choose from a variety of flavors and adjust the strength.

Cirkul has a wide variety of flavors, including a number of calorie-free beverages. They are made with all-natural flavorings and sweeteners. They also contain electrolytes and B vitamins. This means that you get more vitamins and minerals than you would from a regular water bottle.

Vanilla iced coffee

Whether you are looking for a healthier alternative to soda or are looking for a way to lose weight, the Cirkul water bottle can help you achieve your goals. It’s a reusable water bottle that comes with flavor cartridges that help you create customized beverages.

The Cirkul water bottle has a variety of flavors, including the classic, mocha, and vanilla flavors. You can also choose the flavor dial option, which lets you control the strength of the flavor. The vanilla flavor, for example, has zero sugar. It tastes like Dunkin Iced Coffee, but with a sweeter aftertaste. The black cherry flavor, on the other hand, is a medium-intensity flavor with black cherry notes.

The Cirkul water bottle is a convenient and affordable alternative to drinking soda. It’s also a healthier choice because it doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners. It also doesn’t contain artificial colors or flavors.

5. Creme brulee

Using the Cirkul water bottle, you can add flavors to your water and enjoy them on the go. Cirkul is a new water flavoring system. This system is designed to encourage you to drink more water.

The Cirkul bottle is made of BPA free Tritan plastic, a durable material. It also features a Flow Filter, which filters chlorine and other contaminants from your water. It also features a Flavor Chamber that allows you to infuse your water with flavor.

The Cirkul bottle comes with a leak-proof lid. There are also Cirkul water bottle sleeves available. The sleeves are available in a variety of colors. They can be found at select Bed Bath & Beyond stores and directly from the Cirkul website.

Cirkul’s water bottle is a zero calorie drink bottle. It also features a variety of healthy flavors. The bottles are available in several sizes. It also features a monthly subscription service, which means you will receive a new bottle every month.

6. Starter pack

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to get your daily dose of water or you’re just looking for something to replace your favorite caffeinated beverage, the Cirkul starter pack is an awesome way to go. Not only is it eco-friendly, it’s also affordable. Plus, it’s a healthier alternative to other flavored water bottles.

The Cirkul starter pack includes two flavor cartridges, a 22oz Water Bottle, and a comfort grip lid. It’s also got a flavor dial, which lets you adjust the flavor strength of your beverage sip by sip.

Cirkul also sells a starter bundle, which includes the same three items as the starter pack, plus ten additional flavor cartridges. You can choose from a variety of flavors, such as lemon, mint, and raspberry. It also comes with a new comfort grip lid, making it more user-friendly.

7. Black Cherry

Using Cirkul water bottles is a great way to cut down on calories and make your water taste better. It’s an alternative to soda and sports drinks and it comes in a variety of flavors. These bottles are also an eco-friendly alternative. You can find Cirkul water bottles at select Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond stores.

The Cirkul water bottle comes with a mouthpiece and a flavor cartridge that adds flavor to your water. The flavor cartridge has a dial which lets you choose how much flavor you want. It can be refilled and reused. Some Cirkul water bottles come with water filters, which are a great way to make sure you’re drinking clean water.

8. Peach Tea

Whether you’re looking for a way to get in better shape, or just want to cut down on the number of sugary sodas you’re drinking, a Cirkul water bottle + Cirkul cartridge for peach tea is the way to go. You’ll get to choose from over 50 different flavors, and you’ll get to replace your sugary sodas with a healthy alternative.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Cirkul is that you can dial your flavor strength to your exact tastes. This is great if you’re going to be drinking water every day, but it’s also handy if you’re a big fan of coffee or carbonated beverages.

9. Peach Slushie

Whether you are drinking your daily dose of water or a slushie, Cirkul’s water bottle and flavor cartridges are the way to go. This is a water bottle that is eco-friendly, stylish, and is made to last. It also comes with a filter that can be changed out every six months. It has been designed to help people stay hydrated while also helping them choose the best flavors for their water.

Cirkul bottles come in a wide variety of colors and flavors. You can choose between the stainless steel, peach mango, or lemon varieties. The bottle is made from recyclable materials, and you can even opt for a subscription service. The company also offers replacement bottles, lids, and flavor cartridges.

Cirkul Cartridge Review – Aftertaste

You might be wondering what the aftertaste of the Cirkul cartridge actually tastes like. The good news is that it’s not very sweet. I’m not sure what the secret is, but it doesn’t taste like a traditional flavored beverage. It’s just a bit bitter and not really sweet. Let me share with you what I think about different Cartridges. Here is the the list I would love to share with you.

I tried the Cirkul water bottle, which has a mouthpiece and a cartridge that allows you to adjust the taste. The flavoring is mixed with the water in the bottle. It looks like a regular water bottle, but there’s no double wall. It comes in several colors and materials, including plastic and stainless steel. The bottle is dishwasher safe and the mouthpiece is easy to clean.

Watermelon Flavor

Using a cirkul cartridge can be a great way to enjoy the taste of watermelon without having to sacrifice the taste of the actual fruit. The LifeSip Watermelon Flavor Cartridge offers a refreshing taste that is free of artificial flavors and has no sugar or calories. It is also enriched with B vitamins for a complete and healthy drink.

LifeSip Flavor Cartridge

Whether you are drinking water for health reasons or as a treat, Cirkul LifeSip Flavor Cartridges are a great way to enjoy a drink. They are designed to be used in any wide mouth bottle, including those from Simple Modern. There are more than 50 flavors to choose from. These flavor cartridges are made from all-natural ingredients, so they’re safe to drink.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait for the flavors to brew. These flavor cartridges come with a built-in water filter, so you don’t have to worry about stale water. They are available in many different flavors including orange, lemon, blackberry, and kiwi.

The LifeSip beverage mix uses a combination of all-natural flavors and vitamins to infuse water with a refreshing fruit punch taste. The juice has no sugar and no calories. It is also great for those looking for a healthy alternative to sodas and juices.

Besides the LifeSip Flavor Cartridges, Cirkul offers other flavors in their line of sips, including the GoSip. These are fortified with caffeine and electrolytes, which will give your game a boost. Cirkul also offers Fission drink cartridges, which have fewer sugars and additives than most energy drinks. The Fission drink can be used with a wide range of bottles, including the Simple Modern and Hydroflask bottles.

Salty Flavor

Adding flavor to water is a good way to encourage you to drink more. Not only does it help you to feel full, but it also flushes out toxins that are often found in your body.

The Cirkul system allows you to customize the flavor of your water. You can set the flavor dial to the strength you desire. Some flavors have a hint of salt. You can also use the FIT cartridge to add herbs, fruit or tea to your water.

Cirkul’s main sweetener is sucralose. The FDA has deemed sucralose “generally safe to consume.” There are conflicting reports about whether or not sucralose affects weight loss. There are also some reports that suggest sucralose may increase fat accumulation.

The Cirkul Sips come in six different flavors. You can choose from Peach Tea, Lemon, Sweet Tea, Black Cherry, Honeycrisp Apple, and Vanilla Iced Coffee. They can also be purchased in a pack of four or a pack of six. The bottles are dishwasher-safe and available in stainless steel or plastic.

Cirkul also offers an eGift Card. You can use this to purchase future Cirkul products. You can also join the Cirkul Water Bottle referral program, which offers discounts on Cirkul bottles.

Cirkul Sips can also be used with Simple Modern or Hydroflask bottles. They can flavor up to six 22-ounce bottles.



Cirkul Starter Bundle

I also tried the Cirkul Starter Bundle, which includes a 22 oz plastic bottle, a comfort grip lid, and 10 flavor cartridges. The starter pack costs $15. It’s a clever way to make the most of your water. The bottles are BPA-free and there’s no sugar. The flavor cartridges are refillable, and you can use different flavors for up to 6 refills. The water bottle is also eco-friendly since it eliminates plastic waste.

Cirkul Starter Bundle

The Cirkul Sips are single-serve cartridges that work with most wide-mouth water bottles. They’re easy to carry, can be reused, and make drinking water more enjoyable. They’re also better for you than sodas or other sugary drinks. They’re less healthy than plain water, though.

Is Cirkul Healthy?

During the summer, many people wonder if cirkul is healthy. Some drink soda and sugary beverages to keep cool, but these drinks can also contribute to a number of health problems. For instance, soda can be high in sodium, which can contribute to cardiovascular disease. It can also contain artificial sweeteners, which can contribute to diabetes. To avoid these problems, you’ll need to make sure you drink plenty of water, which can help your body stay hydrated.


Whether you’re an avid walker, athlete, or simply trying to improve your health, consuming more water is a necessity. The average person should drink about two liters of water a day. This amount of water helps cleanse the body, flush out food particles, and rinse away plaque.

One of the best ways to increase your water intake is to get a bottle like the Cirkul water bottle. It uses cartridges to add flavor to your water. Each cartridge contains a package of liquid flavoring, a valve, and a mouthpiece.

The bottle also has a built-in filter. It’s BPA free and eco-friendly. It’s also reasonably priced. You can buy a starter kit that includes two Cirkul cartridges, a water bottle, and a leak-proof lid.

Sugary Drinks

Despite the popularity of sugary drinks, they are not essential to good health. In fact, they can cause chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes. They can also contribute to tooth decay, kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease.

Fortunately, there are many options for parents to limit their kids’ sugary drink consumption. The first is to read the nutrition facts label on the products you buy. Make sure to choose low-calorie drinks. Also, make sure to drink water whenever possible. If you do need a sugary drink, ask for an unsweetened alternative.

There is also a sugary drink tax in the United Kingdom, which is expected to reduce childhood obesity by half by 2030. The tax will be used to fund community programs, health education, and school programs.

Artificial Sweeteners

Whether you are looking for a way to reduce your caloric intake or help you lose weight, incorporating sugar substitutes into your diet may be a great option. These products are not only great for weight management, but they can also provide an added benefit of helping to control blood sugar levels.

The FDA has approved artificial sweeteners as food additives, so it is safe to consume them. However, they are not without their risks. Several health issues have been associated with using artificial sweeteners, including type 2 diabetes and metabolic disorders. In addition, these products may also stimulate the brain and taste buds, leading to an increased appetite and a binge eating cycle.


Having the right balance of electrolytes is critical to your health. Your body uses these minerals to conduct electricity, transport water, and maintain the pH of your body. You also need them for muscle contraction and nerve function. Electrolytes can be found in foods. If you are not getting enough of them, you may experience symptoms such as fatigue, headache, and nausea. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, consult a doctor.

There are five important electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride. These minerals work together to keep your blood pressure at the optimal level. Sodium and potassium are also important for heart health and muscle function.

Perishable Product

Touted as the official odo of the ghoul, Cirkul has made its presence felt in the past several months. This juggernaut of a company has earned a prestigious place in the American press by showcasing its best and brightest. The company’s motto is to provide an optimal environment for its employees, and a healthy balance of work and play. The company has a robust customer support department, boasting a nifty customer service center with the latest technology in a well-stocked lab. A top-notch customer service department is no doubt an important component in achieving a successful customer retention program.

Cirkul has a monthly subscription service

Using Cirkul’s patented platform, consumers can enjoy personalized hydration. Cirkul pairs its reusable water bottle with flavor cartridges that can be interchanged, delivering more than 50 flavors. Each bottle is infused with vitamins and caffeine to help keep you hydrated.

Cirkul claims to use 84% less plastic than conventional bottles. The company’s bottles are reusable and dishwasher-safe. It also offers a water bottle subscription service. Users can choose a plan with flavors they like or customize the bottle with designs.

Cirkul’s water bottle is marketed as an alternative to sports drinks. It is fortified with B vitamins to help keep the user hydrated. It is also low in calories and sugar. It contains no artificial coloring or flavors.

Cirkul referral scheme

Whether you are a rideshare driver or a consumer, you can participate in the Cirkul referral scheme. It’s easy to get started. The program is completely free, and you can earn a free stainless steel bottle when you refer five people. You can find the Cirkul referral code on your Cirkul account page or through an email.

You can choose a bottle with six or eight flavor cartridges, which will automatically ship to you every month. The bottle itself is 22 ounces and has an adjustable dial that allows you to control the amount of flavor you get.

You can choose from a variety of flavors, which include Cool Melon, Honeycrisp Apple, Blue Raspberry, and Island Punch. They are all zero calories and have no artificial colors.

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