Japan Has Some Odd Hobbies - And Here Are The Most Fun Examples

Japan Has Some Odd Hobbies – And Here Are The Most Fun Examples

Japan is a place that everyone heard about yet only a few of them know what it is all about. It is very easy to get the wrong picture about this beautiful place, many people have an opinion about Japan. It can sometimes be very hard to find an objective view of this country, yet it is important to view it as a whole. Japan has a very long history and rich culture, which is why it is difficult to grasp it,

The Japan of today is a product of this long history and many problems it has faced. However, you can never understand any country or its people, because it is just too big. It is impossible to generalize people and countries with just some quick fun facts. However, it is possible to read about all the interesting and odd hobbies and get a picture of them. Here are the most fun examples of such hobbies seen in Japan which you should read about.

Sex culture

It is no secret that Japan is home to some fetishes that are unknown to many people. Even just the mere existence of Japanese girls is a big turn-on to some people, which is why this list was even made. However, the sex culture in Japan goes way beyond that and becomes very intriguing. From hentai to body sushi, you can find things that no one ever thinks about in the West, which makes this a special category of hobbies.

The reason why this culture exists is that many Japanese people still view sex as a taboo topic. By making something taboo, you are making more and more people curious about it. By not letting them experience sex, you are making people very sexually frustrated and tense. This is why Japan is home to the leading sex robot industry, people have no other way of getting it. It is very interesting and sad at the same time when you think about this social problem.

Unusual food

Japan is home to some very delicious food that is exclusive to this area. But, there are some more usual things like ramen and sushi, and there are other novelty items on the menu. Have you ever tried out a squared watermelon? Or what about Natto, a sticky fermented soy bean? It gets disgusting very fast when you discover what shirako is, a fish’s sperm sack. Or what about medium rare chicken, it is quite dangerous unless you eat it at the right place.


Anime is the most popular type of media that people outside of Japan consume. Alongside video games, it is the type of media that defines geeks, or is it? Anime is becoming more and more common, yet it is still deemed an odd hobby. More people are watching anime, it is not as rare as it used to be, even just 10 years ago. However, in Japan, it is possible to experience anime at a whole different level.

Life is not like anime, Japan is very far from it even though it is made there. However, there are a lot of places where you can feel like you are in anime. From anime conventions to anime theme parks, you can experience it like never before. Massive replicas of Gundam and Ghibli theme parks are just some of the main attractions. And let’s not even get started with anime collectibles shops in Japan, that is a whole other story.

Themed cafes

Themed cafes

Every city has some nice cafes, but Japan is home to some very unique takes on cafes. Cat and bunny cafes are pretty common here, and so are maid cafes. If you like cafes and do not like interacting with the waiter, just visit a cafe run by robots.

If you have never felt the touch of a woman before or just want a cute nap, visit a cuddle cafe. You can find everything in Japan, the only limit is how far you are willing to go. There are even more exclusive places that only the locals know, which is why visiting Japan is different than just reading about it.

These are just some of the hobbies that you can find in Japan. There is a whole lot more to talk about, but these are the easiest to get into. These were chosen, so anyone can start digging deeper into these subjects and see a brand-new hobby.

By learning about things unknown to you, you are gaining something very valuable. Life is all about experiencing something else, something outside of your comfort zone. It is all about discovering the unknown and having some fun, which is why hobbies are very important.

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