LED displays in stores- 5 reasons to use them

LED displays in stores: 5 reasons to use them

The retail industry is constantly evolving. Many stores are gradually adopting solutions that can combine the physical and digital experience, with the aim of engaging people more and making their shopping experience more exciting. To do this, many realities have already resorted to the use of LED screens to be used inside stores to welcome customers, entertain them, amaze them or perhaps simply to show promotions and offers designed for them. This digital contamination can easily be translated into:

  • authority of the store to the consumer’s eyes, who will see that reality as up-to-date and innovative;
  • ease of information search and thus purchase by the customer, who will be more stimulated and enticed to spend their money on that activity, so impactful and engaging.

5 advantages of LED advertising displays in a store

Adopting an advertising strategy that aims to attract attention from a visual and sensory perspective is always and asset for any type of store. In this regard, high-quality products such as Macropix display LED can be excellent allies for branding and engaging more customers. In fact, the features of these communication tools lead to several benefits, including these five.

  1. Visibility

Certainly, one of the main goals of an advertising LED display is to be immediately noticed. These screens not surprisingly are created to attract people’s attention, increasing the visibility of the company using them and conveying the message the latter wants to send to the public.
It is clear, therefore, that their location is often strategic. They can, for example, be placed:

  • inside a store to announce promotions or special offers on certain products, stimulating the customer’s interest;
  • at the front door to make people feel welcome.

It will then be up to the size and quality of the image to engage even more who is watching.

  1. Customisation

As digital products, LED displays are therefore highly versatile. They can be adapted and customised to suit every need and every goal the company sets itself. They are in fact flexible advertising tools, capable of staying in line with current market trends and demands. For example, a shoe shop can easily change the content of the screens from showing the summer campaign to foregrounding the winter campaign with the must-have products of the season. By doing so, the message will always be fresh and dynamic.

  1. Immediacy

These digital screens have the advantage of being immediate and effective through the use of images, text and graphics that make the user’s visual experience unique. In this way, the company can share what it has to say in just a few seconds, securing the attention of the beholder. This is a great opportunity for the brand to tell its story, convey its values and communicate its mission by focusing on the emotionality of customers.

In addition, LED screens can be updated quickly, changing content in just a few steps.

  1. Memorability

Memorable is anything that has the ability to be remembered. A LED display that has done its job well can therefore be memorable. The digital communication that is used not only involves the sight, but often also the hearing of the viewer due to the possibility of adding audio content that intensifies the message. A slogan, a concept or a well-told story can make the difference between a company that has gained customers and improved its brand authority, and one that has not yet done so.

  1. Durability

While flyers, commercials and traditional advertising have a limited lifespan, LED displays are designed to last a long time. In addition, they do not require special and expensive maintenance. If we also add to this the fact that they reduce costs in the long run due to lower energy consumption, these tools will prove even more attractive to any store.

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